What Your Body Odor Reveals About Your Health

It is thought that sweat is the main reason for bad body odor, but that isn’t entirely true, as sweat doesn’t really have a distinct smell on its own.

The unpleasant smell are created by the fast reproduction of bacteria in the presence of the sweat and their dissolving into acids, ultimately leading to the bad smell.

More importantly, body odor can be considered a health issue, as it can tell much about certain problems, such as diabetes, a wrong diet, liver issues and others.

If Your Body Has a Fecal Odor
This can be an obstruction of the intestines. It is a very serious medical condition, and it occurs when there is a blockage on the small or large intestine.

Said blockage in the tract can causing unpleasant breath that might smell like feces and everything you eat will only worsen the smell.

If You Smell Sour
In this case it is best to visit your doctor as this can be a sign of issues with your liver. A weak liver creates different chemicals that have unusual odors, and that has an impact on your body odor.

A damaged liver also goes hand in hand with symptoms such as digestive issues and nausea.

If Your Body Smells Like a Fish
You might have a problem, conveniently named “Fish-smell syndrome” or trimethylaminuria. It manifests itself as an offensive unpleasant body odor, also in the urine and breath.

It is caused by an excess excretion of trimethylaminuria.Unfortunately, this is a genetic disease, and its symptoms can be felt from birth.

Other reasons for this fish smell can manifest as a result of excess proteins in your regular diet or the existence of specific bacteria. The treatment for this issue, alongside antibiotics and specific lotions, includes specific changes in your diet.

If You Smell Like Something Sweet
This can be a sign of diabetes. Your body can have a sweet or juicy odor, because of the high levels of ketones in your bloodstream.

If You Smell Like A Rotting Egg
You might be eating too much meat. Meat is a product that is hard to dissolve in the digestive system, and people who regularly eat meat every day can have a repulsive sulfur-like body odor, almost smelling like rotten eggs.

This specific odor is caused by the high concentration of amino acids that contain a lot of sulfur in the meat, especially red meat. There is no harm coming from these amino acids, but they have to be digested without a problem, which is not a common thing.

If You Are Sweating Too Much
You ought to get yourself tested for hyperhidrosis, which is essentially excessively sweating. Although the neurotic, endocrine, infective and other parts of the body can sometimes cause hyperhidrosis, most cases are about people who are perfectly healthy.