What The Shape of a Person’s Hands Reveals about Them

What The Shape of a Person’s Hands Reveals about Them
Palmistry is a science that tells about the traits of a person’s personality and their fate according to their hands. The science is very popular around the world.

In ancient times, people believe that the whole reason behind was made out of four fundamental components, those being fire, air, water and earth. They all possessed qualities such as hot, dry, moist and cold, respectively.

This theory was known even at the time when Aristotle was alive, and is still popular today. Every Zodiac sign is attached to its own element.

There is also a theory that suggests that our hands reflect our essence, and that our whole life is written on them, and on the hands are all the necessary points for controlling our body.

Therefore, it is believed that depending on the shape of the hand, a person belongs to a certain element and he/she possesses the corresponding character traits. Look at your hands and find out where you belong:

Earth Hands
A person with thick palms and fingers. These people are genuinely modest. They are extremely close to their family and friends.

They are very nice and polite people. If they fall in love, they will love the person for their entire life.

Fire Hands
A person with long palms and long fingers. These people are very energetic and are ambitious.

They have a clear vision set for their life and also possess a clear mind. They don’t have too many close friends in their life, and they choose their partner in life very carefully and properly.

Water Hands
A person with smooth palms and stubby fingers. These people are considered to be very talented, able to adapt to almost any situation and artistic.

They can keep secrets rather well. They cherish their partner and their situation and if it comes to it, they will do everything in their power to save it.

Wood Hands
A person with long palms, long fingers with well-structured bones. These people are very emotional and creative.

They don’t fall easily and at once in love, instead they take their time. But, when they do eventually fall in love, they are very deep and very committed to it.

Metal Hands
A person that has square palms, fingers and nails. These people are born leaders.

They don’t pay any attention to emotions and like to surround themselves with people that have similar personalities to them.