What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours after Applying Nail Polish

Almost every woman in the world wants to have long, beautiful and shiny nails. In fact, nail polishing is an unavoidable thing when it comes to that.

But, did you know that nail polish contain a plethora of harmful chemicals that are bad for the organism?

Not only outwards, but they can also cause negative effects on the insides of the body. A recent study showed that most of the popular brands of nail polish are far more harmful than previously thought.

Scientists tested 24 women that regularly polished their nails and in every one of them, they found out chemicals in their blood. The results showed that 100 percent of the participants had positive results about triphenol phosphate, only 10 hours after the applying of nail polish.

Afterwards, the scientists tested out 10 different brands of nail polish and found out that 8 out of 10 of them had triphenol phosphate in their contents. The most shocking discovery of all what that almost 20 percent of the population that uses nail polish injects the triphenol in their body without knowing.

What is triphenol phosphate and what harm can it do?

One of the main problems with triphenol phosphate is that it disrupts the function of the endocrine system. It can also have an effect over the hormone regulation, metabolism, reproduction and development.

This is especially harmful for young women that use nail polish regularly and it is affecting their development and misbalancing the hormones. This can cause hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Disrupting the normal function of the thyroid gland can lead to slowing down the metabolism and an uncontrollable weight gain.

The triphenol phosphate can also be:

  • A neurotoxin
  • An endocrine toxin
  • Toxic for the reproductive organs
  • An allergen
  • Cause inflammation on the skin
  • Other Harmful Compounds of Nail Polish


Formaldehyde is well known to be a cancer-causing compound that is dissolving in the air and water. Being exposed to this compound can also cause symptoms such as asthma or heavy breathing.

People that have chronic diseases are especially prone to formaldehyde poisoning.


This chemical compound can be dangerous for the development in children. Young girls have a high risk since they are the ones using nail polish.

Also, babies are at risk too, since scientists have found out that toluene is present in breast milk.

Natural Alternatives for Nail Polish
Fortunately, there are some companies that created natural alternatives for nail polish, thus eliminating the risk of harmful side effects.Companies that produce organic cosmetics add honey, water and milk in their substances, avoiding all of the harmful chemicals.

They succeeded in creating around 50 shades of different colors that are exactly the same as regular nail polishes, except for the harmful chemicals in their contents.