What Causes Water Retention (Edema). Here Are 4 Ways To Stop It!

1. Eat bananas
For the balance of water in the body, the ratio of potassium to sodium is very important. Sodium keeps water in the cells, and potassium is ejected out. Therefore, the calculation is clear, Increase potassium intake, and reduce sodium intake. People who have a problem with water retention in the organism, most notably observed on the feet and knees, should eat at least one banana every day. At the same time, reduce the salt intake to the minimum, or completely eliminate it from the diet until the problem is solved. If your food is inexplicable in this case, use spices.

2. Increase the intake of vitamin B6
If you are constantly bloated by water retention, you should eat foods that contain a high percentage of vitamin B6, such as turkey, fish, pistachio, chicken, tuna and sunflower and sesame seeds.

3. Conduct an elimination diet
Swelling is one of the symptoms of intolerance to certain foods. Namely, in this case, certain enzymes are necessary for digesting these foods. To find out if food, and what causes water retention, you can keep a diet diary, do an intolerance test on food, or conduct an elimination diet. In this case, attention should be paid to all foods, and not only to those that are otherwise classified as problematic, such as milk and dairy products and cereals containing gluten. The elimination diet involves the complete removal of suspicious eating disorders for at least two to four weeks. If during this time the bloating disappears completely, slowly introduce one to one food in the diet. This way you will discover which is problematic.

4. Properly combine foods
The old good parlor says that you should never drink water with a meal, and you do not have to eat fruit right after a meal. That’s what makes sense because the food, in this case, is harder to digest. In addition, the stomach can be difficult to fight with a combination of sugar, fat, starch and protein in one meal. Combine the meat with vegetables rather than potatoes or rice. Although, for the sake of the will, many of these combinations are not a problem. Intermediate, if you’re already bothered by water retention. Pay attention to the menu