Urine color and health

Nobody cares for the urine color as far as the health goes. You must pay attention to the smell and other signs since they tell a lot for the health. the urine is 95% water and other items are creatinine, potassium, urea and all are organic and inorganic dissolved. The color is due to the urobilin – waste items from red cells breaking down.


  1. Clear– too much hydration and dissolved electrolytes due to chemical imbalance.
  2. Light yellow– normal color and good hydration.
  3. Cloudy– a bladder infection and too much mucus and proteins in the body.
  4. Medium yellow– have more water to hydrate.
  5. Dark yellow– serious dehydration. Have more tea and water, but reduce the vitamin B too.
  6. Orange– too much bilirubin inside the body. Also this can mean gallstone issues and bile duct issues. Liver disease is also possible.
  7. Pink– the urine gets pink from too much beets and blood drops even. See a doctor.
  8. Dark pink shade– this is more than just 1 blood drop. Or it can be bladder infection or cancer. Stones can be the reason too.
  9. Dark pink– this is way too much blood and can be cancer. See doctor ASAP.
  10. Brown– meds for malaria like chloroquine and metronidazole make the urine this color. Also liver or kidney disease can be the reason or even too much workouts. This way the muscles use myoglobin for energy and leak in the urine and blood too. Make a myoglobin test in this case and see if the kidney fails.
  11. Green or blue– diet of artificial colors can cause this. Even jello can make this. Meds like Uribel too make the urine blue. Just have more water and is all good.