This Garlic Mixture Will Clean Your Blood Vessels Even Those In Your Brain

Garlic has been a powerful health supporter for centuries back. In fact, garlic has become so effective and powerful, that many traditional and modern-day health practitioners use it daily as treatment.

Garlic is able to serve the body well in many aspects, including reducing inflammation, protecting the heart and immune system, offering antioxidant properties and more.

Today, we’ll look at an extra useful garlic remedy that can help you restore your cardiovascular health.

More precisely, the following remedy is able to cleanse all blood vessels easily and efficiently, thus balancing the cholesterol levels in the blood, improving eyesight and ameliorating your memory.

Garlic Remedy for the Optimal Cardiovascular Health…and More!

First, take 200 grams garlic and crush them well. On a clean gauze, arrange the garlic and place another hard object in the gauze as well (a stone would do).

Fold the gauze and place it inside a three-liter jar. Add a bit of milky whey or water and throw in a cup of sugar as well.

Leave the jar open and let the ingredients ferment for 3-5 weeks. Keep the jar in a warm place. You can expect an unpleasant smell in the first week of the fermentation, but it will go away as soon as the remedy is complete.

Once 3-5 weeks have passed, drain the liquid of the mix and store everything in a fridge.

In the mix itself, you can add a second glass crushed garlic along with a new solution. This remedy will set in a period of two weeks.

For the best cleanse, consume a ¼ cup of the mix before any meals. Repeat 3-4 times a day over the entire month. As garlic is quite potent, it is best you consult your doctor on using this mix before you actually do so.