These 10 Types of Food That Help You Reduce Water Retention

Water retention or otherwise known as edema is what happens when excess water builds up in your body and it makes your knees, ankles, wrists, legs, and hands get swollen. But it can sometimes be a signal of kidney or heart disease, so you need to also have that in mind.

Many things can cause water retention in your boudy such as high or low blood pressure, hormone imbalance, pregnancy or infection of the blood vessels, , high sodium intake, excessive standing or sitting as well as prescription medications.

By reducing water retention, you’ll also lose some of the extra weight you might have gained because having excess water in your body can cause weight gain.

The best way to decrease the built up water in your body is by eating food with diuretic properties as well as food rich in potassium. (diuretic is a substance which promotes increased production of urine)

10 types of food that will help you reduce water retention are:

Parsley has diuretic properties, as researchers have pointed out. Even though further research is needed on this specific type of food, it’s worth trying it out.

Try making parsley tea as it can help you increase the process of urination.

Green and Black Tea
These two types of tea are famous with a reason as they are also rich with diuretic properties. However, it’s best not to drink them with milk, as milk can worsen the effects of edema.

Also, for better results, it is recommended for you not to drink them on a day to day bases, because drinking them regularly can make you develop tolerance for their diuretic properties and therefore retaining water in your body.

It’s know that celery is rich in potassium and fiber. Its sodium-potassium balance is what makes it a beneficial natural diuretic, therefore helping you effectively treat edema.

We recommend asparagus because it’s a highly diuretic food due to asparagine, which is an amino acid contained in asparagus. It’s great in treating edema caused by menstruation and/or rheumatism.

Moreover, when asparagus is consumed, it breaks down into sulfur compounds that can cause more frequent urination, therefore cleansing your body from toxins.


Cucumbers are full of water that will make you urinate more frequently, which is a good thing. Also, cucumbers have a lot of sulfur and silicon, which help improve kidney function by eliminating excess uric acid from them.

Potassium is another thing that cucumbers are rich in, and when they are used topically, they can help you reduce swollen areas, especially around the eyes.


Dandelions are rich in potassium, which stimulates the release of excess water in your body. To best experience the healthy diuretic properties of dandelion, drink it in the form of dandelion tea or concentrated dandelion supplements.

Caraway seeds
Caraway seeds can improve urine output and they are good for edema as well as digestion. You can use them as spice, or in the form of tea.

As you’ve already learned, potassium is THE best thing for increasing urine output and reducing sodium levels in your body, thus reducing water retention; and bananas are extremely rich in potassium as well as vitamin B, which is best used for reducing edema related to PMS.

Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots are also rich in potassium, they add flavor and texture to your food, and they are extremely available and versatile.


Horsetail can be used as a supplement or in the form of tea. Horsetail supplements can produce the same results as other commercial supplements.

However, avoid using it on a daily basis or if you have diabetes or kidney disease in order not to experience adverse effects.