The Earliest Signs That Your Thyroid Gland Is Not Functioning Properly And You Need Medical Help

The thyroid gland is an organ that produces hormones that control the heart beat, metabolism and bodily temperature. Therefore, it is extremely important to see whether you have some of these symptoms.

  • If you feel that you have something in your throat or your throat is constantly dry, you have a problem with your thyroid gland.
  • High blood pressure can also signal a problem with the thyroid gland. Hypertension is three times more common among people who have problems with the thyroid gland.
  • Scientists explain that less production of the thyroid hormone can weaken the heart.
  • The signs of hypothyroidism can be pinching, stiffness and pain in the joints and muscles
  • The lack of hormone production of the thyroid gland can damage the nerves and cause muscle pain.
  • The function of the thyroid gland also affects the hair and can cause drastic hair loss
  • The lack of hormone production by the thyroid gland makes the hair follicles lazy and this causes hair loss.
  • Constipation can also be one of the symptoms of thyroid gland problems because lack of the thyroid hormone can slow down the digestive tract.
  • The lack of thyroid hormone can also lower the levels of serotonin, the hormone that causes happiness, and you will feel desperate and depressive.
  • The thyroid hormone can also affect the heart beat.
  • Lack of the thyroid hormone can also lower your libido.
  • The things will smell different if there is lack of thyroid hormone. Increased production of the hormone may make things taste awful.
  • Low thyroid hormone levels can cause shorter menstrual period, pain and longer menstrual cycles. High levels will reduce the length of the menstrual cycle.
  • You can feel nervousness and uneasiness. When the thyroid gland is producing a lot of its hormone, your body will feel many different sensations. If you cannot deal with anxiety, your thyroid gland may be too active.
  • You can also feel constant tiredness. If you feel extremely tired even after having a good night’s sleep, your thyroid gland is not functioning properly.