The Bacteria That Is Causing Bloating And Heartburn And How To Fight It

The Helicobacter pylori bacterium damages our digestive system and leads to many different health problems. This may sound a little bit weird but this common bacterium affects nearly two thirds of the world population.

The causes are not found out jet but it is believed that it is ingested from contaminated water and food.The bacterium Helicobacter pylori lead to severe gastric problems such as: stomach cancer or ulcers, yes they are a serious problem.

In this article, because of its seriousness, we are going to present you some natural ways to get rid of the bacteria and that without taking any pharmaceutical medicine.

Getting rid of Helicobacter pylori will help you to change your life for good. That is the exact thing that you will find out in this article.

Helicobacter pylori are common in both the adults and the children, so because of that these natural ways are convenient for both of them. Because it is a powerful bacterium, it can occur even if the immune system’s defense is strong.

If you take this into consideration, it is from big importance to get rid of the bacterium because it attacks the lining of the stomach walls and it will cause damaging health problems.

Aside of the fact that there are some synthetic medications for treating helicobacter pylori, they contain chemicals that affect the stomach, even though they will get rid of the bacterium. That be said, we are going to present you some natural home –made methods that will help you to get rid of the helicobacter pylori bacterium.

What Does Helicobacter Pylori Represent?
Helicobacter is a spiral bacterium that can lead to stomach infection, infection of the duodenum as well as chronic inflammation. Because it produces a cytotoxin increases the development of ulcers it the system of digestion, this bacterium is known as ulcer bacteria also.

They are usually formed in the mucosal layer that is protecting the tissue that is lining of the small intestine and the stomach.

What Are The Signs And The Symptoms Of Helicobacter Pylori Bacterium?
Most of those who suffer from helicobacter pylori will never notice that they do, that is because it shows no symptoms. The infection usually shows symptoms such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Discomfort in the abdomen
  • Bloated stomach
  • Belching
  • Nausea

Anyhow, there are some more serious symptoms that are caused by the helicobacter pylori, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Bad breath
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Heartburn
  • Anemia
  • Peptic ulcer
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss or decreases appetite

You Need To Get Rid Of The Helicobacter Pylori Bacterium
Not only that these natural home-made remedies don’t have any side effects on our overall health, they are also very cheap. In addition of that they are made of ingredients that we all have in our kitchen.

Read this article in order to find out how to get rid of the helicobacter pylori bacteria.

Home -made natural remedies that will help you to get rid of the helicobacter pylori bacterium.

Cranberry Juice
Many scientific researches concluded in China have proven that cranberry juice is effective in preventing helicobacter pylori bacterium. For even better results, you can drink a glass of cranberry juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

Anyhow, you should not add any sugars or sweeteners in this juice in order to get rid of the bacterium. Plus, in order to retain the cranberries health properties much better it is recommended that you use organic cranberries.

Manuka Honey
Honey represents the main ingredient in many different natural remedies. Because of its anti –bacterial properties, honey is used to treat various health problems.

We strongly recommend you to use the honey in the elimination of any type of bacteria. You need to consume one tablespoon of Manuka honey in the morning on an empty stomach in order to kill the Helicobacter pylori.

Anyhow, you can take a toast with the Manuka honey.

Black Seeds
By using black seeds you can efficiently fight against any bacteria. Many different studies claim that the black seeds have very beneficial anti –helicobacter pylori activity that can be compared to triple therapy.

In addition of that, these seeds have acid –reducing and gastro –protective properties.

Probiotic Foods
Probiotics are an excellent way to fight the bacteria that attacks our body. Plus, probiotics main role is fighting against the helicobacter pylori bacterium.

Many scientific researches found out that probiotic foods can get rid of bacteria better than the antibiotics. Probiotics are strictly natural ingredients that are fighting against helicobacter pylori bacterium.

It is extremely important to get rid of the bacteria on time because it may cause many damaging health problems. But in case you have discomfort or bleeding while you are taking these natural home–made remedies you must consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

Green Tea
It is believed that the green tea slows down the growth of the helicobacter pylori. Many different studies have also found out that the consumption of the green tea can prevent mucosal inflammation that is caused by helicobacter pylori.

Plus, the green tea is a natural ingredient that is used to treat the gastritis that is caused by the same bacterium.Some studies have also found out that this tea contains catechin, including epigallocatechil gallate that can fight the helicobacter pylori because of its properties that are antibacterial.

Broccoli Sprouts
The chemical known as sulforaphane has detoxifying and antioxidant properties, and the broccoli sprouts are abounded with it. It can efficiently fight against the helicobacter pylori bacterium and the gastric that leads to it.

In addition of that, it can prevent some gastrointestinal damages that are often caused by damaging NSAIDs.

The broccoli sprouts are also used for preparing broccoli seed oil, oil that is used externally and supplements that are used internally.

Propolis has more than 300 compounds, some of them are: amino acids, coumarins, steroids, polyphenols, phenolic aldehydes and many more. Many different studies have found out that the extract of propolis or its supplement fights the growth of the helicobacter pylori.

Garlic contains natural anti –inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It is a well-known fact that by consuming raw garlic you can efficiently get rid of the helicobacter pylori.

General Helicobacter pylori

You Need To Eat More:

  • Chia and flax seeds are also rich with omega 3 fats.
  • Berries like: blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, raspberry and bilberry.
  • Wild caught fish, it contains omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Cruciferous veggies like broccoli and broccoli sprout.
  • Foods That You Need To Avoid:
  • Low –fiber grain
  • Pickled food
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Spicy food

Few Ways That You Can Prevent Helicobacter Pylori Bacterium In The First Place:

  • Practice good hygiene
  • Consume food that is properly prepared
  • Safe drinking water