The 9 habits that damage kidneys

The kidneys are vital organs and their work is to remove toxins with the help of urinating. So they also balance minerals like phosphate and calcium.

Also they regulate pressure and make essential hormones for the health, making red blood cells too for oxygen and nutrients in the body and more.

So, they have to be healthy. If they are not, you might experience nausea, vomiting, bad breath, changed urine color, dizziness, itchy skin, breathing problems, pain, anemia, fatigue, feeling cold and such.


Lack of water– lack of water makes damage to kidneys and the blood gets further from the kidneys. This way they cannot remove the toxins and they will pile up inside so health issues will rise more. Get 10-12 glasses water daily.

Delaying urination– the most common cause for damage. If urine presses the bladder, more bacteria will pile up. This bacteria damages the kidneys and makes pressure so this leads to renal failure and incontinence. Never postpone urination.

Cigarettes– smoking is bad for you and for all organs inside. There is a oink between smoking and kidney problems, said the American Association of Kidney Patients AAKP and smoking is the first cause of renal disease last stage. This makes hypertension too and fast heart rate, reduced blood flow and narrowed vessels in the kidneys. Also kidneys will lose their function fast this way.

Too much protein– too much proteins like red meat worsens the issue and the organs cannot metabolize nitrogen waste of the body, or byproducts of protein. Too much protein makes glomerular pressure and hyperfiltration too, raising the metabolic load of kidneys. Limit red meats and even avoid them.

Too much salt– kidneys metabolize 95% of the sodium from food and in too much salt cases, kidneys work harder and they work slower. So, we retain water and this makes more blood pressure and kidney problems. Many studies say excess salt makes more urinary protein and this damages the kidneys. Every salt excess is bad and know that 1 tsp salt is 6 g.

Lack of sleep– many people ignore this. But sleep of 6-8 hours is vital. Tissues and organs get renewed this way and you are not healthy when you lack sleep. Studies said bad sleep habits make clogged arteries, hypertension and more. So always rest enough!

Analgesic use– many people use painkillers all the time, meds and analgesics for pain, inflammation and such. This is bad for the kidneys! Studies said such analgesics lower blood flow to kidneys. Long term use of them makes chronic kidney issues like kidney injury and interstitial nephritis. Talk with a doctor before you get such drugs or analgesics.

Too much caffeine– this makes hypertension and pressure to kidneys too, thus kidney damage is seen. A 2002 study of Kidney International said caffeine is linked to kidney stones and more urine calcium. Have these drinks moderately, coffee or tea, and also limit energy drinks, meds, chocolate, cocoa, sodas…

Too much alcohol– it has toxins that stress both the liver and kidneys and damage them. If you drink a lot, uric acid is piled in renal tubules and this makes tubular obstruction and kidney failure. Also this dehydrates you and slows normal kidney work. Best is to limit the dose of glass per day for a woman, and 2 for men.