Take Black Pepper And Cure A Migraine, Improve Digestion And Cleanse The Mucus

In folk medicine, pepper is used for better digestion of food in the body, in neuralgia and rheumatic pains. The water in which pepper was cooked is a component of medicines to treat gastric diseases. Pepper tea is recommended for angina, stomatitis, and also for intestinal infections.

He cleans the body. It dissolves the lymph, has antitoxic properties. It restores nerves and mind and is very useful against nerve diseases. Also, it is very useful to chew it with raisins to remove excess fluid from the brain and from the stomach. It enhances the stomach and liver, improves appetite and digestion of food in the body: it is one of the most powerful stimulators for digestion. It purifies the digestive tract. Also, it dissolves dense and solid matter from food, as well as other dense substances. It is useful against a cough and cold, against bronchial asthma and chest pain.

Together with honey, he greatly cleanses the lungs from the thick mucus and stimulates urination. The tea of black crushed or diced pepper is given when someone is bitten by a snake or a scorpion, drink it in a few sips and causes vomiting until the vomiting expires and the condition improves until the doctor arrives.

Cure A Migraine
Black pepper can be used through the nose as a medicinal oil to cure a migraine and even epileptic seizures. It fits perfectly with cold foods such as cucumbers, salads and plentiful food in general.

Note: Like all spicy foods, pepper is not recommended to people with “hot temperament”. He irritates them. It is forbidden in case of gastritis, gastroenterological pain, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer. It should also not be used in the case of anemia and in diseases of the urinary tract. The mitigation of these negative features is possible with the use of cold oils and fats.