Not many people are aware of the fact that they can eventually stop a heart attack. You could achieve this by using one ingredient that is very effective against heart attacks.

This magical ingredient is cayenne pepper, and due to its great properties it can help you save your life. Doctors recommend this ingredient due to the amazing health benefits it provides. Also it is highly recommended by herbalists who believe that cayenne pepper tea can actually save your life.

Cayenne pepper is very effective even though more research tests are required in order to get conclusive results in regards to the benefits of this property.

Cayenne pepper contains 90.000 Scoville units whereas other types of pepper such as Habanero, Scotch Bonet, Jalapeno, African bird, Thai Chi, and Jamaican hot contain almost the same value. You need to ensure that you buy it always from organic food stores, or health stores and markets.

In case someone experience heart attack you should 1 teaspoon of cayenne mixed in a glass of water. This treatment requires the patient to be conscious in order to be able to drink it. If someone falls unconscious you will need to add few drops of cayenne extract under their tongue.

This treatment will help the person to immediately improve blood circulation and increases heart rate. On the other hand it stops bleeding which often leads to serious heart attack.

This treatment should be used only in urgent issues and situations. This is what you need in order to prepare it:


Cayenne pepper – 3
Cayenne powder
Vodka 50% alcohol
Glass bottle

You will need to protect the hands before you start preparing this remedy. Next you should put ¼ of the powder in the bottle and cover it with alcohol. Mix the ingredients in a blender and pour ½ of the mixture in the bottle.

Once you have filled the bottle close it and shake it well. Keep the bottle in dark place for 15 days but make sure that you shake it every day.

In case someone is experiencing heart attack you should give them 10 drops of this remedy. Also it could be used for people that experience stroke. Once you give them the first dose, after 5 minutes you should give them more of this remedy. Repeat the dosage every 5 minutes or until they start feeling better.

In case the person is unconscious you should put 3 drops under their tongue and do CPR. Repeat the process in 5 minutes until the person starts feeling better.

The cayenne pepper benefits:

Helps you treat small issues
Protects the Colletotrichum and Phomopsis from fungi
Improves digestion and eliminates gasses
Prevents cancer
Treats arthritis, tooth pain, flu, migraine, toothache, inflammation, allergies, and stomach issues.