See the best ancient cure for removal skin spots magically like rubber! Have that perfect skin you craved for long

We get worried for the looks and spend fortunes on beauty items for removal of scars, pimples, acne, white heads, blemishes, blackheads and more…

We don’t get that our ancestors used just nature and had perfect skin.

They never needed chemicals for perfect skin and had blemish and pimple free skin with just natural items.

The best part is, here there are no side effects and nature cannot make damage like chemicals in the cosmetics that irritate skin more.


Baking soda – make paste with baking soda, drops of water and rub this on the face.

When it is hard rinse it with lukewarm water and no more pimples.

Eat foods with zinc and selenium – these foods cure the skin from the inside so eat more fish, sesame, seeds, lentils, liver, oats, corn, milk…

Lemon juice – make face mask with sour cream and lemon, same ratio parts and apply. After 15 min, rinse it.

Garlic as cleanser – clear the spots with garlic juice. Chop a clove and apply the juice daily.

Berry juice – this can be from redcurrant, cranberry, and such berries. Soak a cotton ball in the juice and wipe the face, after 15 min, wash it off.