Reduce your Bunion at Home by Practicing These 7 Remedies

The most of the population is interested in information on how to get rid of the bunion on the foot at home. In our article we will talk about that. Bone on the leg is not only a cosmetic problem, but it also causes inconvenience quite often it also and causes pain of varying intensity.

We ask ourselves the question it is possible to get rid of a stone on a leg or foot without application of surgical intervention.

Yes, it actually is, anyhow, in this case it is essential to take into account that when deforming at a late stage, people’s methods of treatment won’t be able to help. At the beginning stage of the disease, a good result is the use of therapeutic gymnastics in combination with other therapeutic methods.

If the exercises are performed daily, the arch of the foot is strengthened, muscle spasms are removed, mobility returns to the joints.

Broth of Potato
To make this recipe, you will need to take fresh potato peelings and pour them some with water, with a proportion 1: 3. After that, boil them for 15 minutes. Next, one and a half cups of the boiled liquid should be added to the container with moderately hot water and soar the legs. Do this before bed time, after you are done put on socks and go to bed.

For making this remedy you will need 1 part of lilac flowers and 10 parts of cold water. All this should be placed in a tightly closed container. Leave it to rest for about 10 days. Wipe the deformed part of the foot with the content.

Boil a few dried fruits of prunes in a small amount of milk. Take off the halves of the fetus and apply it hot to the bump.. Wain until it is cooled and then replace it with another hot fruit. This will take 30 min.

You will need water-washed leaves of burdock or coltsfoot, which wrap your feet from feet to knees, fixing food film and wrapping them afterwards with a warm blanket. The procedure can be performed every day or every other day during the spring-summer period.

Take chopped garlic and 100 grams of horse chestnut seeds, add wood alcohol. The obtained product is wetted with a tissue napkin and applied to the deformed spot of the foot. Leave it to rest for 20 – 30 minutes. The course of treatment is two to 20 days.

Most of the population knows how to get rid of the bunion on the toe by applying a blue onion. Well grind the vegetable, and then place it on gauze and attach it to the bump, fix it and leave it to rest for 6 to 10 hours. Afterwards, remove the compress and make an iodine mesh.

Sea salt
To get rid of a stone on the big toe it is possible and by means of sea salt or usual salt of a large grinding. In warm water, the temperature of which is from 38 to 40 degrees, add salt. The time for taking the foot bath is 15 to 20 minutes, and the duration of the treatment is 15 days, then take a break and repeat the course.