My Mother Had A Fatty Liver – With This Drink For A Few Days Everything Was Fine!

My name is Sonya and I would like to share with you our experience. A month ago, my mother was diagnosed with a fatty liver. First, with a routine ECHO check, it was diagnosed by the internist, and later in blood analysis, the prognosis was confirmed.

The suggestion from the family doctor was a pharmaceutical product that helps degrade the liver, but before that, we wanted to try naturally.

I read many recipes on the Internet, but two of them had some logic. One was with nuts, which can be consumed raw or with yoghurt. Walnuts contain proteins and carbohydrates that give energy but are also a natural diuretic that will remove excess water and salt from the body.

Walnuts also contain antioxidants that can fight free radicals in the body and prevent cancer, and will also improve blood circulation.

Potassium-containing walnuts can help lower blood pressure. Definitely, walnuts are very healthy and will help you improve your general health.

But the second recipe gave me somewhat more hopeful. It was raisin water!

I found the following explanation on the Internet:

“The water in which the raisins are cooked stimulates certain biochemical processes in the liver that help in more efficient cleansing and detoxification of the bloodstream.

The biggest culprit for this is a raisin, and if you follow this treatment for four days, you will notice that digestion has improved as well as that you have more energy.

Doctors often recommend eating raisins in the morning, because in this way we protect the heart, eliminate bad cholesterol, reduce the level of triglycerides and improve the functioning of the stomach and the metabolism itself.

Dried grapes are a natural source of minerals and vitamins, and their effect dramatically increases if we drink water in which we have sunk because this reduces the level of sugar. ”

I prepared the drink according to the following recipe:

  • Ingredients required:
  • 150 g of raisins
  • 400 ml of water

Carefully select the grains and avoid those with brighter colors and those that are very glossy, because that gloss is not natural and is due to numerous chemical processes that are worthy of such an “appealing” look.

Choose raisins with a darker color. The beans should be neither firm nor too soft.

Wash them and remove from the fire.

Preheat two cups of water until boiling. Add the raisins and let it cook for about 20 minutes. Sounds easy, but that’s not all. You need to leave the raisins dry up overnight.

The next morning, drain the water and reheat it. This drink can be hot or lukewarm, but it is important to drink it on an empty stomach just after awakening. Breakfast should follow half an hour later.

Ideally, this is done for several days in a row – at least four.

After two days you will notice that the stomach works much better and you will have more energy, so this drink is especially recommended for those who want to lose weight.

You can repeat this treatment every month.

Let me mention that the results were normal for my mother in a short time, but of course, we paid special attention to the diet.

We disposed of spreads, fatty foods, and the meals consisted mostly of boiled lean meat, many fruits, and vegetables.

Before you start using folk remedies, consult your family doctor!