Mix A Teaspoon Of Olive Oil And Lemon Juice To Treat These Health Problems

You’ve probably noticed how people are turning to natural medicine in recent times and asked yourself why. Well, natural medicine offers numerous benefits for our health. First and foremost, it works without any side-effects and it’s also pretty cheap and effective if you’re willing to give it some time.

Due to our unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and the increasing environmental pollution, our body accumulates quite a lot of toxins every single day. These toxins and chemicals can accumulate in the liver, kidneys and other organs where they can do a lot of damage. This is why it’s best to clean (detoxify) the body every once in a while and you can do that with the mixture we have for you today.

Lemon and olive oil are two powerful detoxifying agents that can fight inflammation, infections and other health problems. They are great on their own but work even better when combined. This powerful mixture will give your immune system a boost which will support the body and help it fight ailments more efficiently.

How to prepare the mixture?
It’s actually really simple – to prepare the mixture, mix the ingredients in a 1:1 ratio. Whenever you’re feeling unwell or are suffering from infections such as the flu, you should take a tablespoon of the mixture. Here are the main health benefits of the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice:

Treats and prevents constipation
The mixture will lubricate your digestive mucosa and boost the function of your bladder. In this way it will prevent constipation and eliminate all the toxins from your body, effectively boosting your digestion.

Protects your heart
Thanks to the rich amount of fatty acids in olive oil, it can improve your blood circulation and lower the levels of LDL cholesterol in your blood, effectively protecting your heart. The mixture contains a variety of vitamins and minerals and has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Keeps the gallbladder and liver healthy
The accumulation of toxins in our bodies can make us tired and unwell pretty quickly by harming the function of our liver and gallbladder. In order to clean both organs, you need to take the mixture every morning on an empty stomach – this will boost your whole body and support the liver in its function.

Relieves arthritic pains
The anti-inflammatory properties of the mixture can relieve arthritic pains as well as other inflammatory aches.

Strengthens your skin, nails and hair
Soak your nails in the mixture for at least 20 minutes before going to bed to keep them strong and prevent them from becoming brittle. The mixture can also strengthen your hair and fight problems such as dandruff, while the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of lemon make the citrus fruit a great remedy for skin disorders.

The mixture has many benefits for our health, so there’s no reason to avoid it.