Incredible Ways To Use Onions: Cure Fever, Ear Infection, Cough And More!

Onion derives from the allium family. For thousands of years, onion has been used for treating numerous health issues.

Onion has antiseptic and antibiotic properties due to its abundance in sulfur. Also, onion is packed with Querectin, an antioxidant which has the ability to help the body in fighting free radicals.

Onion has numerous health benefits:

  • Regulates the cholesterol levels
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Treats diabetes, arthritis, and heart diseases
  • Treats respiratory conditions
  • It is considered as the best remedy for severe vomiting.
  • Interesting ways to use an onion:

Breakup chest congestion: Make an onion paste and apply it to your chest. Cover it with a towel and let it stand for some time.

Colic (Cherokee Indian recipe for colic babies): You need to boil some diced yellow onion then let it cool and drain. Give 1 teaspoon of the tea to your baby every hour.

Ear pain/infection: Put a chopped onion into a thin sock and put the flattened onion sock on the affected ear and to secure the sock, put a hat on your head.

Cuts: You can stop the bleeding immediately with the onion skin. Also, it can be used as an antiseptic for wound.

Cough: Cut the onion in half and put 1 tablespoon of brown sugar onto each face of the onion.

Then, cover the onions and let it stand for 1 hour. You should consume this two times a day. It will relieve your cough.

Fever: Use a coconut oil to rub the bottom of your feet. Then, cut an onion into thin slices and put into the arch of your foot. Cover with gauze and secure it with a bandage and let it stand overnight sot the onion could eliminate the illness and toxins from your body.

Cleanse the air: Onion can help you to purify the air in your home from bacteria and viruses. Just place slices of onion on place throughout your house.

Vomiting: You need to grate 1 onion. It can be yellow or white. Then, press the juice from the onion. Also, you need to make a peppermint tea. Drink 2 teaspoons of the onion juice, and after 5 minutes you need to drink another 2 teaspoons of the peppermint tea. You need to repeat the procedure until the symptoms disappear. It takes 15 minutes for the nausea and vomiting to disappear.

Other Onion Uses:

  • In order to repel bugs rub your skin with a slice of onion.
  • Onion can help you to promote the growth of your hair. Just rub your hair with onion juice.
  • You can repel moths with onion juice.
  • Also, you can repel pests by spraying boiled onion juice onto your plants.
  • Onion can help you to prevent rusting. Just rub your face with a slice of onion.
  • You can prevent freckling by rubbing onion on your skin.

The Native Americans have used onion to treat colds and flu for centuries. Even the World Health Organization has recognized the ability of onion to relieve coughs, congestion, bronchitis and respiratory infections.