If you’re struggling with arthritis, here are 6 home remedies you can try to alleviate the pain

Arthritis pain is not only painful, it’s also limiting. It can keep you from simple tasks like opening jars and mixing ingredients to playing your favorite sport or fixing a car. At times, the pain can seem to rule your life.

With many forms of arthritis, the pain is caused by swollen joints. If you can find a way to help reduce the inflammation, you can help reduce your pain and reclaim your life. Check the 6 great ways you can fight your arthritis pain at home.

1. Heat: Heat will often help alleviate the suffering from joint pain. Reader’s Digest says you can make your own heating pad by putting uncooked rice in a cotton sock. Tie off the end of the sock with a knot. It may not look pretty, but it will keep the rice in the sock. You can then microwave the sock for two to three minutes and use it as a heating pad on your sore joints. One caution, be sure to use cotton socks. Synthetic materials may melt in the microwave.

2. Fish oil: Joint Health Magazine shares that omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties. Taking two spoonfuls of oil daily will get you the benefits you need. Eating salmon, tuna or other cold-water fish will also help.

3. Ginger: Ginger has been proven to help reduce inflammation to joints according to Medical News Today. The best way to take it is two ginger capsules daily. Applying it topically can result in a rash, so test it carefully before using a topical application.

4. Turmeric: Joint Health Magazine recommends turmeric as another natural anti-inflammatory. Taking it as a juice or in milk are two great ways to take it, or you can take capsules three times a day.

5. Green tea extract: If you like green tea, then you’ll be happy to know that green tea extract shows anti-inflammatory properties as well according to WebMD.

6. Boswellia: WebMD also recommends boswellia, or Indian frankincense, as an effective arthritis treatment. Its advantage is that it doesn’t appear to upset the stomach as much as other medications.

Don’t let arthritis pain rule your life. By adjusting some foods in your life, you may be able to reduce your pain, naturally.