If You Do These Poses Every Night Before Going To Bed, You Will Experience Improvement In Your Sleep

If you usually have problems falling asleep at night you should know that a lot of people have this problem as well. Many people are not able to fall asleep and always toss in their beds before they finally manage to fall asleep. And if this is something you face every day it will lead to overuse of sugar and coffee, depression and weight gain. If you use these yoga poses before going to bed it will be easier for you to fall asleep and sleep during the entire night. They are easy and simple to do even if you have not practiced yoga before.

When you do this poses for the first time do not hold them for more than 60 seconds, which is long enough. Afterwards you can hold them for longer.

Child’s Pose
You might want to skip this pose if you suffer from knee pain. It is a pose that will relax the back, nervous system, belly, shoulders, and mind. In case your behind is not able to reach the heels, take a blanket, fold it over and place it right under your bum. Take deep long breaths.

Bound Angle Reclining Pose
It is also called the butterfly pose. Get on the ground and place the soles of the feet next to each other. The knees should fall one at each side. Not many people can reach the floor with the knees so in order to relax you should place a folded blanket or one stack of books under the knees. The arms should be place at your sides and you should be relaxed, breathing deeply.

Back roll
For this pose you should be lying on the back, and take hold of the knees. Slowly rock from side to side. This pose is great for massaging and stretching. The feet should be relaxed and the shoulders right on the floor. Do not cause tension in the shoulders, they should be relaxed. Take deep breaths.

Reclining Spinal Twist
You should be down on the ground, lying on the back. The knees should be propped up and they should fall down on the right side. Hold the left thigh in order to stabilize the legs. At the same time, you should stretch the left arm out to the left and slowly roll the head to the left.

The shoulders should be relaxed and you should breathe deeply. Repeat on the other side.

Fish Pose
For this pose you should be lying on the back. The arms should be placed on the ground and the palms should be facing down. Slide them and begin pressing the whole lower arms in the ground and the elbows should be bent. You should lift the upper body slowly and this will open up the chest.

If your neck and throat are not comfortable you should hold the head up or leave the head to fall backward in the ground. Breathe slowly and enjoy in the stretch.