How To Remove Mucus And Treat Bad Cough With Wrapped Ginger

The symptoms of a cold usually include sneezing, congestion and persistent coughs which are really unpleasant and annoying and vary from person to person.

If children are affected, these symptoms may become severe and can lead to serious complications. This is because the immune systems of infants are underdeveloped and their bodies seem unable to fight the viruses.

Doctors usually prescribe cough syrups to relieve the discomfort but the prolonged use of medications and other pharmaceutical solutions may trigger serious side effects such as migraines, headaches, rapid heart rate and drowsiness.

Therefore, make sure you use natural remedies that are more effective and have no side effects, for example honey and ginger. These ingredients have been used for centuries due to their mighty healing properties, especially in the treatment of bad cough and colds.

Here is how to prepare honey and ginger wrap which is certainly one of the best natural remedies:


• Olive oil
• Raw natural honey
• Flour
• Ginger powder


Stir the honey and the flour until you get a homogeneous mixture. Then, add the ginger and drizzle some olive oil.

Stir the mixture again and afterwards pour it over a napkin. Wrap gauze around the napkin and place it on your chest or back. Secure it with an adhesive tape.

Let it act overnight and remove it the next morning. If you prepare this remedy for your child, let it act for 3 hours.

Rachel Lim, a mother of a small child, shared her own experience with this natural remedy. Instead of olive oil and gauze, Rachel reported using tin foil, coconut oil and ginger juice. As she has explained, her baby was coughing all night long, so she applied this remedy to her baby’s chest and let it act for 4 hours.

The results were amazing. The baby stopped coughing and the phlegm and nasal congestion were gone.

Honey is a perfect remedy for general detoxification, skin treatments and it encourages the mucus removal, whereas ginger has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.