How to Raise a Successful Daughter

A study was done in the UK showing that lofty expectations are associated in you successful women. The researchers on the study concluded that behind every successful woman hides a nagging mother.

More Nagging is Linked with Fewer Failures
A research conducted at the University of Ess*x proved that when a mother requires and demands their daughter/s to improve in every aspect of life, or considered nagging at the teenage, their daughters can avoid obstacles in life that would interfere with their success. In addition, these problems include teen pregnancy, committing to years of unemployment or minimum-wage pay, abandoning academics after high school, and so forth.

Nagging without Moderation will do the Trick
Appearing to be counter-intuitive, this is not the case. Specifically, in case you play the trombone on your daughter every day to enroll in university as well as to avoid teen pregnancy, they have a higher chance to accomplish one of these feats compared to the case of being focused on nagging on only one or two topics. This means it’s better to be nagging about great many things as compared to a much smaller amount.

Resentment is Equal as Good Parenting
This somewhat strict parental strategy can contribute to countless door slams, eye rolls, tantrums, scoffs and so on. However, the sour juice is actually well worth the squeeze. The technique of progressive nagging is extremely effective when applied to teenage girls.

Some cases involve daughters succeeding in doing what they considered more conveniently for them, if it was against their parents decisions. Their parents had a huge impact on their choices and life in general, despite how hard they’ve tried to avoid their recommendations.

The same philosophy can also be applied to young males. Thus, if you have a tween-age or teenage son, don’t let him off the hook so easily.