How To Control Blood Sugar Naturally (Without Medicine)

The number of people with diabetes is increasing rapidly and is heading towards 500 million, making it a world epidemic.

There are two types of diabetes:

Diabetes I: Caused by problems with the immune system, so it is not preventable or curable. As most of the people who develop it have a relative with the condition, doctors assume that it may be related to genetics.

Type II: It usually develops due to poor eating habits or obesity. This type is curable, and there are natural ways to reverse it and keep it in check.
One of the major problems when it comes to treating type II diabetes is that the medications that doctors prescribe have a lot of side effects, such as incontinence, kidney and liver damage, and worsening of the condition. As a result, many people are choosing to try out the following methods to keep blood sugar levels in an all-natural way.

This tree grows in hot and dry climates like Mexico. Its bark possesses important medicinal properties and its extract can be used to improve blood sugar levels, per German study. In addition, it was also found that hintonia latiflora lowers cholesterol levels, opens up constricted blood vessels, and decreases the risk of developing cataracts.

It has been scientifically shown that cinnamon helps open up the cells so that sugar can get inside them. Unlike other natural methods to keep blood sugar naturally, it is highly accessible and it can be used as common spice. It is available in capsules, too.

As type II diabetics have too much sugar floating in their bloodstream, it is critical for them to avoid foods like white rice, white-flour products, and refined sugars. All of these are known to increase the amount further. On the flip side, they should increase their intake of lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies, and whole-grain foods.

Weight gain, particularly around the abdominal are, is very common problem in type II diabetics. It happens because of body`s inability to use insulin properly and open up the cells to absorb the sugar needed for energy. It has been scientifically shown that being overweight by even a few pounds causes stress to the body that can trigger type II diabetes to develop.

Any form of exercise, even walking, can help treat type II diabetes as it helps the body burn up excess sugar before it gets the chance to be stored as fat. In addition, it helps burn fat caused by high blood sugar levels. For optimal results, type II diabetics should aim for at least half an hour of walking daily, preferably a short time after having a meal.