How to check your health in 1 minute with just a teaspoon

It is very important to check your health regularly but we usually don’t have the habit to do that. For most of the people, it is difficult to go to the doctor only for a simple checkup. Therefore, today we are going to present you a simple method that will help you to check your health with a teaspoon and it will only take you a minute of your time.

Sweep a spoon over the surface of your tongue.

Put the spoon in a plastic bag and place it in the light (a lamp or the sun).
In a minute check the teaspoon.

If you don’t notice some spots and there isn’t a bad smell out of the bag after a minute that means that you are in a perfect health but if the opposite happens you might have some health issues.


  • A sharp scent – lung and stomach problems.
  • A sweet smell – diabetes.
  • A smell of ammonia – kidney problems
  • White or yellow deposits – thyroid dysfunction.


  • Purple deposits – high cholesterol, poor circulation, or bronchitis.
  • White deposits – respiratory infection.
  • Orange deposits – kidney problems