There are various factors which can cause poor blood circulation, yet the most frequent ones are lack of physical activity, blood clots, hypertension, atherosclerosis, drug abuse, and smoking.

This condition should not be ignored as there are simple natural solutions for its treatment like the following ones:


This plant is considered a “super food” as it has incredible properties which can improve the general health. Namely, it can improve the health of the heart, and then reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and also hypertension. Plus, it can prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries.

Regular consumption of ginger can prevent the occurrence of some cardiovascular illnesses, and also the formation of embolism in the body thanks to the presence of the efficient active compounds that it has in its content known as zingerone and gingerol. Both compounds can warm the body and improve the blood circulation.

Cayenne Pepper
This spice has in its content a compound named as capsaicin that has the ability to improve the blood vessels and arteries thus promoting the health of the heart. The cayenne pepper can remove the buildup plaque in the vessels, and also regulate the blood circulation. It can also ease the manifested symptoms of poor circulation such as cold hands and feet, and soothe the pains.

Water Consumption
The body needs to be properly hydrated and for that you need to consume 8 glasses of water per day. Thanks to this consumption your blood circulation will be improved by which the oxygen and all valuable nutrients will be efficiently transferred to the body tissues and organs thus making them properly hydrated. Plus, the digestion will be enhanced due to improved blood circulation.

Fish Oil
This oil is high in Omega-3 fatty acids which can effectively eliminate the buildup fats in the arteries so that there is a proper blood circulation. Likewise, the consumption of fish oil will provide you with good cholesterol.

Essential oils
Thyme, rosemary, and ginger contain potent thermogenic properties which can better the blood flow to the skin’s surface due to the expansion of the blood vessels. Additionally, all these essential oils can relax the tense muscles, and likewise relieve the numbness in the feet and hands.