Here’s What Oncologists Won’t Tell You About Essential Oils

The latest studies that were done, were looking for a cure for cancer any natural cure, and it seems that the essential oil might be the ones to help.

The cancer starts at a frequency of 58 MHz, and the human body resonates at 62-78 MHz. And according to many studies negative thoughts are the one that are reducing the frequency for about 12 MHz, and thinking positively will elevate it by 10 MHz.

Knowing this, we need to understand that there are thousands of things that are affecting our overall health in many ways, some of which we can’t even imagine.

The essential oils are able to change the frequency we resonate at, and they contain one of the most powerful antibacterial properties, which is why they have the ability to fight cancer as well.

Bruce Tainio, was included in one of the studies, and the developed a Calibrated Frequency Monitor, and with it he was able to measure the essential oil’s frequency, and therefore knowing how they would affect us. A famous immunologist M. Suhail, is claiming that cancer is triggered when nucleus in our cells inside the DNA is corrupted.

With the use of essential oils, we can repair some of the damage and repair the DNA code, therefore our chances of beating this disease are improved.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Make sure about the oil’s therapeutic grade before you take it for what ever reason. Most of the oils that you can buy from the store or that are available on the market out there, are mixed with alcohol or other additives, which means they have a low quality.

Make sure you purchase your oil from a trusted source, because they might not be pure oils.

There is a book “The Body Electric” which is written by R.O. Becker, in which it is said that our overall health is determined by our electric frequency.

We can become resistant to more and more ailments if we remove any outside frequencies, even Nikola Tesla knew that. According to a research by Dr. Otto Warburg, the human cells have a very specific electrical voltage, which can drop a little bit from many factors, therefore triggering diseases like cancer.

But there are many other researches that were done, and it is concluded that essential oils that have much higher frequencies are able to eliminate diseases that have lower frequencies.

Here is a list of some essential oils and their electrical frequencies, which were used in the studies:

  • Lavender — 118 MHz
  • Peppermint — 78 MHz
  • Helichrysum — 181 MHz
  • Sandalwood — 96 MHz
  • Rose — 320 MHz
  • Frankincense — 147 MHz
  • Angelica — 85 MHz
  • Juniper — 98 MHz
  • Essential Oils and Their Healing Abilities

Many oils were included in a study to fight against breast cancer cells, and the most effective ones were the chamomile, jasmine, thyme and cinnamon oil. Thyme oil destroyed 97% of the cells, while the chamomile oil destroyed 93% of the cells in vitro.

It was also concluded that the chamomile oil is able to fight against the cancer cells that effectively because it contains very powerful antioxidant properties, and that is the main reason.

In the study were examined 11 oils, among which were sage, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, thyme, winter savory, sweet fennel and bitter oil as well.

Frankincense Oil

The frankincense oil is able to divide the nucleus of each cancer cell from its cytoplasm and stop its reproduction. The oil is able to kill the cancer cells because inside is present a very important member, called monoterpenes.

The frankincense oil is cytotoxic and is able to work against all stages of cancer, which means it is not causing any damage to the healthy cells.

During the research the oil was able to help different patients who were dealing with different types of cancer.

End-Stage Liver Cancer Patient

There was a patient included in the study who was given only a couple of months to live, with an end-stage cancer on his liver. The size of the tumor was big enough for the man to live longer, so he had nothing to lose and the wanted to give this oil a try.

The tumor quickly reduced its size as he started applying the oil topically on the liver’s area and a few drops under his tongue, and when he visited the doctor they noticed the change. The patient used the oil even after the doctor’s appointment, and when the tumor reduced its size that much so that the doctors would be able to operate, the patient was then free of the tumor with a single operation, and now lives a cancer-free and healthy life!

Bladder Cancer Patient

There was a woman named Hackie Hogan, who was suffering from bladder cancer, she needed to go under surgery so that her bladder is removed immediately.

She had no other choice but to try these natural essential oil, she turned to frankincense and sandalwood oil, she started to add them topically on that area and after a few months of using them she was cancer-free.

A Child with Brain Cancer

The toughest cases of all in the study was the 5 year old girl who was dealing with brain cancer. After trying every option there is, here parents decided to try to cure the cancer naturally by giving her the sandalwood and frankincense oil, or the mixture of them both.

They created the mixture of both oils and they started rubbing it on her feet, then they rubbed lavender oil on her wrist as well. And after only a couple of months, the girl was cancer-free!

Breast Cancer Patient

There was a woman who had advanced breast cancer, and her only option left was to use the mixture of lemongrass and frankincense oil, she was adding it under her tongue and topically, and the disease was defeated in a couple of months.

Stage-4 Cancer Patient

There was a woman who was diagnosed with a stage four cancer in her lungs, and the cancer started to spread in other organs in her body.

The woman refused to take the chemo therapy and she turned to the natural essential oils, out of all she chose the frankincense oil, she started to apply it topically on each area that was affected. She was applying the oil every few hours and she cured from the cancer completely after 7 months of use.

Cervical Cancer Patient

There was another woman in the study who was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and the doctors only gave her a couple of months left to live, but the frankincense oil helped her, she defeated the diseases in those months and was cancer free.

Many different types of cancer were defeated in different patients with the use of these essential oils, thanks to their powerful and beneficial properties!