Here’s How To Completely Detox Your Body From Sugar To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health In 3 Days

Despite fat and carbohydrates, sugar is another contributor to gaining weight. Even though consuming sugar in moderation does not pose any threat on the overall health, if we consume it in high amount, it can cause serious health issues.

Sugar is found in nearly all drinks and foods, like soda, pouch juices, yoghurts, salad dressings, sweets, candies, cereals, and others. However, there are foods, like honey, bananas, mangoes, raisins, which contain natural sugar.

The most common symptoms of sugar overdose include:

• Tiredness
• Hyperactivity
• Depression
• Yeast infections
• Headaches
• Sinus issues
• Sleepiness
• Mental disorientation

If we consume high amounts of sugar, we the risk of diabetes, health issues and even cancer is increased.

When we consume too much sugar, the body starts to store the sugar in fat. In fact, artificial sugar does not metabolize in the same way as the natural sugar. Moreover, it goes into the intestines, where the body sees it as an intestinal bacterium and increases the levels of blood sugar. This leads to additional sugar in the hips, thighs and the waist.

If you consume a lot of sugar, it is high time to give it up even though it will not be easy at all. Some of the most common symptoms of avoiding sugar are headaches, cravings, fatigue and other. However, if you eat one cookie at a time, the severe headaches will not disappear. Therefore, you can give up consuming sugar by cutting only one sugar product in a while.

In order to help you give up sugar, we are going to show you a simple sugar detoxification diet.

1st day:

• Breakfast – 3 boiled or scrambled eggs, and a cup of oats in combination with almonds and berries.
• Snack – a bowl of nuts
• Lunch – chicken breasts and butternut squash, beets, carrots, almonds, beans, turnips, and parsnips.
• Dinner – a salmon with mushrooms and fried broccoli or boiled fish with a bowl of green beans.

2nd day:

• Breakfast – a cup of oats with almonds and berries and 3 eggs (scrambled) with spinach
• Snack – a bowl of nuts
• Lunch – grilled zucchini with lemons and yellow and red peppers, vinegar, a shredded red and green cabbage with carrots or thyme dressing and olive oil, chopped parsley, salt dressing and lemon juice.
• Dinner – vegetable casserole, steamed green vegetables, bean soup and baked cod and fried Bok Choy, with roasted Brussels sprouts and turnips.


Drink herbal tea or green tea three times a day.


Cut a grapefruit, strawberries, oranges and blueberries, and put rosemary and mint in a jar with filtered water. Store the mixture in fridge and drink it on a daily basis.


Drink a cup of black coffee (unsweetened) per day.


• Be ready to fight against sugar cravings as you are going to be challenged by them.
• While taking the detoxification diet, make sure you avoid agave nectar, maple syrup, honey, and other artificial sweeteners.
• Cook just with olive oil.
• Consume whole grains rather than white bread and fruit juices, so that you can prevent sugar cravings and regulate blood sugar levels.
• Eat a large bowl of cooked vegetables on a daily basis.
• Consume 2 ounces of seeds and nuts, as well as flaxseeds and walnuts, on a regular basis.
• Drink plenty of water.
• Consume one large portion of salad and salad dressing a day.
• Consume ½ a cup of lentil, chickpeas, and beans in order to prevent sugar cravings.

After completing the sugar detoxification diet, make sure you visit a nutritionist or a physician in order to determine a diet that will help you to face up with sugar cravings. In addition, you should also add low-sugar desserts and healthy foods in your diet.