Here’s How Many Steps Per Day Will Help You Lose Weight

Nearly every person is not satisfied with his / her weight and wants to lose weight. Even though there are some simple diets, not all of them are equally efficient. However, it would be great to lose weight easily.

Yes, it is possible. If you want to lose weight, you should follow the Step Diet. The Step Diet is a program for maintaining weight and enhancing weight loss.
All you have to do it to change several lifestyle habits. In fact, all you have to do is to walk long distances. It is true; walking can help you lose weight. So, how many steps daily do you need to do to lose weight?

James Hill, a famous obesity researcher claims that you do not have to run marathons to lose weight; you can only turn on a pedometer and put a foot before the other one. By tiny dietary changes and being more active, you can lose weight easily.

How much calories you burn varies on these two factors:

1. Body weight
2. Walking area

Or more specifically:

You will burn 400 calories if you walk one hour with a speed of 4 miles an hour.
You will burn 100 calories if you make 2.000 steps, or nearly 1 mile of walking. In addition, you will have to burn 3.500 calories in order to lose a pound.
The best way to lose weight and not to have side effects is to lose 1 pound per week.
It indicates that you have to burn 500 calories per day, or nearly 5 miles of walking daily.
All you have to do is to change your habits, right?


Walk 15 – 20 minutes during the first three days in order to get used to the new activity. Gradually, you should increase time up to 30 minutes or 60 minutes a day. It has been confirmed that walking enhances weight loss.
You will get used to your walking routine as times passes by, so you will not notice that you are losing weight.


1. The American Heart association recommended walking over running.
2. Walking reduces the risk for hypertension, diabetes and lowers bad cholesterol levels.
3. Medium-intensity walking reduces the risk of high blood pressure, coronary heart, diabetes and cholesterol.


Here are some ways to get extra steps each day:

1. Accompany your children to the school
2. Avoid travelling by bus go home or to work on foot.
3. Instead of elevator, use stairs.
4. Park your car away from your house or work, so that you can walk.
5. Instead of taking a taxi or a bus, walk to the station.
6. Instead of talking on the mobile phone, wander around the house, particularly up and down the stairs.
7. Do gardening yourself rather than hiring a pe