Here Is How to Measure Your Real Biological Age

The biological age, which is different from our chronological ago or simply put how long we have been alive, indicated our body’s condition and health.

Biological Age versus Chronological Age
According to scientists, the biological age indicates how old our body is, while the chronological age refers to how long you have been alive. However, there are several ways to determine exactly how old you are according to your biological age.

The protective ends of the chromosomes are known as telomeres and their main function is to stop the fusion of the chromosome endings with another chromosome. This leads to early aging and death of the cells.

According to Dr. Terry Grossman, when a cell separates, a telomere falls off from the ending of the chromosome. Namely, the biological age is closely related to the length of the telomere.

The more we live, the greater the chronological age we have, while the telomeres have a shorter length. Nonetheless, there is an easy way to find out what you exact biological age is.

It is a simple flexibility test that provides exact results.What you have to do is stretch your body and do a few slow jumping jacks in order to stimulate the blood flow to the muscles.

While standing up, join your feet together and bend your hips in order to try and reach the floor with your hands. Do this as far as you can. If you experience any pain or discomfort, bend your legs and memorize how far down you can go.

After that, you can compare your results with the following:

  • On average, you are between 20-25 years old and if you can touch the floor with your hands while keeping your legs straight, all the while your body and muscles being relaxed.
  • You are between 35-38 years old if you slightly bend your legs and can touch the floor with your fingertips.
  • Between 38-50 years old are the people who can touch the floor by bending the legs slightly, but are experiencing pain and discomfort.
  • You are older than 50 years if you cannot keep your legs straight and you cannot touch your feet, while also feeling pain and discomfort and you stand up after only a few seconds.

What Is Your Biological Age?
Do stretching on a daily basis to tone your muscles and increase the flexibility of your body. If you are maintaining a health and well-balanced diet and do exercises on a regular basis, then you significantly prolong the length of the telomeres.