Here Are the Reasons Why you’re a Mosquito Magnet

During the winter, we patiently wait for the weather to get warmer and hotter so that we can continue doing our favorite outdoor activities. Winter ends and we are delighted, pulling out our BBQs, filling up the pools, getting our outdoor running shoes, until we remember that the warmer weather also brings mosquitoes.

Generally, mosquito activity begins somewhere around when the temperature reaches the 50 degrees F levels. The mere mentioning of the nasty insect brings back a wave of terrible memories from every past summer, itchy welts, allergic reactions, itch creams, bug sprays, etc.

They are a great way to ruin summer, but have you asked yourself why some people get bitten more than others?

Why am I a mosquito magnet?
If you appear to adopt dozens of bug bites every time you go out, consider the following list of reasons for why you might be attractive to the nasty insect:

You are athletic; taking care of your health physically comes with its cons too. Mosquitoes love Lactic Acid, which is what our bodies produce after exercising.

You need to shower; Sweat is one of the most attractive scents for mosquitoes, especially to the breeds of mosquitoes carrying diseases such as malaria.

The bacterium that makes your old sweat have an odor smells sweet to mosquitoes. So, for that reason, be sure to wash yourself often and to not use too many sweet-smelling soaps or perfumes, since that smell attracts mosquitoes as well.

Pregnant women emit higher levels of CO2, which is also attractive for mosquitoes.

Alcohol tends to up your metabolism, which boosts your CO2 output, attracting the mosquitoes. However, mosquitoes seem to have a strong preference for beer.

You have been wearing dark or bright clothes; softer or lighter colors than blend in with the light tend to disguise you from mosquitoes, which bright or dark colored clothes interest them.

The little blood suckers also have a preference for their favorite type of blood. According to research, people with a type O blood are twice more attractive to mosquitoes than any other blood type group. Mosquitoes are least attracted to type A blood.

How Do I Keep Them Away From Me
In order to keep the mosquitoes at bay, you want to make sure you avoid keeping things around that they like. Ridding your yard of stagnant water and keeping your grass properly trimmed are two obvious ways to maintain a non-mosquito friendly space, but there is more to it than that. Here are some things you can do to repel them:

Shower often; as mentioned before, mosquito’s love the scents of old sweat. Keep the odor down and you will see less mosquito bites.

Wear thicker, lighter clothes; do this so that their bites cannot pierce your clothes. While this sounds like torture during the hotter months, you will save yourself for a lot of skin aggravation and irritation.

Use bug repellents; these can be found in any store, or you can create your own. Just combine a lemon, lemongrass and eucalyptus oils. The mosquitoes rely heavily on their sense of smell, and utilizing smells they don’t like can save you from the nasty itches and bites.

Avoid going where the mosquitoes are most likely to be; tall grasses, wind-less forests, stagnant water etc. Mosquitoes really love warmth, damp and stillness.

Eat garlic, onions and chili peppers; these are well known foods that will make your body less appealing to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are attracted to specific things. Knowing what they like and eliminating those things can change you from a mosquito magnet to a mosquito repellent.

Just, do not be afraid to take a lot of showers, be mindful of your surroundings and coat yourself in bug repellent spray. If you are a victim of a few bites, learn how to treat the problem.