Here Are 5 Unusual Signs Of Colon Cancer That Some People Are Unaware Of For Years

Cancer is a fatal disease with deadly consequences, and in order to be treated it needs to be recognized on time. For that reason, you need to learn the common symptoms so that you can act accordingly.

According to statistics in the states, the colon cancer accounts for 15% of all cancers and its early detection will cure 9 out of 10 patients which makes it crucial to know its early signs.

In this article we shall concentrate on the colorectal cancer or most widely known as the colon cancer which is one of the five most common types of cancer in the world. It is called colon cancer because it mainly affects the colon and rectum, and it develops very slowly and its symptoms may not appear for years. Therefore, continue reading and find out the five unusual signs of colon cancer of which people are not aware for years.

5 Ignored Symptoms of Colon Cancer

  1. Abdominal cramps

This sign is commonly ignored as it is related to pathologies or other diseases. Yet, if these cramps last longer with greater intensity and are accompanied by other inconveniences listed below, then you need to consult a specialist doctor to determine the right causes for its occurrence.

  1. Irregular stool frequency

This is something to which people do not pay any attention, but according to recent studies the color, frequency, shape and appearance of stools can tell a lot about your overall health. Therefore, do not neglect the way how your stool appears and its frequency as its condition will tell you whether you suffer from colon cancer or not. For instance, irregular stool frequency can be a symptom of colorectal cancer, therefore we advise you to consult a doctor especially if it lasts for a long period of time.

  1. Bloating and gases

Bloating and gases are common discomfort which most of us experience at some point of life, however if they are accompanied with the other symptoms, then this might be an indication of a tumor development at the level of the colon. As per medical experts, the tumor causes an obstacle in the colon that prevents the release of gases thereby resulting in bloating. If you experience such issues, you should seek an advice from a specialist doctor to determine if you are dealing with a malignant tumor.

  1. Sudden weight loss

Cancer cells eat your energy thereby resulting in great weight loss. So, if you are losing weight without following any eating regime or change in lifestyle, then immediately make an appointment with your doctor.

  1. Fatigue

Even if it seems to you unimportant this symptom should not be neglected especially if you eat and sleep well and perform a moderate physical activity. In this case the fatigue is an unusual sign which should not be taken lightly. When colon cancer is concerned the cancer cells draw and consume the body energy which can cause a loss of blood thereby causing fatigue. We strongly recommend you to visit your doctor if you experience fatigue for a longer period of time and without any apparent reason.

Preventive Tips to Lower the Risk of Colon Cancer

  • Incorporate a well balanced diet consisted of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Exercise or do some physical activity for at least 30-40 minutes, two to three times a week.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Stop the use of alcohol or at least drink moderately.
  • Perform a regular screening in order to prevent colon cancer.