Many people tend to give themselves a diagnosis for the symptoms they might be feeling such as small fever, rib pain, nausea, or vomiting. This practice is definitely wrong because you might endanger your health and life, same as did sue Palmer who was close to the heart attack. Read his story and you will never again try to treat these symptoms on your own.

Sue Palmer is 46 years-old American. She woke up in the middle of the night feeling ill without actually realizing why she is feeling that way. All of a sudden she also experience severe nausea and started vomiting. At first she believed that these symptoms are due to food poisoning and she decided to go to bed until she starts feeling better. On the other hand, her husband has insisted that she visits her doctor in order to properly check the root cause of these symptoms. Luckily, this attention from her husband has saved her life.

Once she got to the emergency room she was examined and at first everything seemed normal. After few checks and tests they immediately decided that she needs to be operated because she was suffering from blocked coronary artery. This means that if she decided to return to bed she would have died.

Here are the main 5 signs that show you that you are impending heart attack:

Nausea and vomiting
These are the most common digestive disorders that require your attention especially as part of a balanced diet. Also if you experience nausea and vomiting that are followed by cold sweat or abdominal pain you need to immediately seek medical help because you are impending heart attack.

Unusual fatigue
Once a blood clot is formed and blocks the blood flow to the heart it causes malfunction of the heart and the delivery of oxygenated blood is not transferred. This leads to unusual fatigue and it is a clear sign of impending heart attack. In such situation you need to seek immediate medical help.

Shortness of breath
The lungs are the organs that need the oxygen the most. Once the blood flow is reduced it will disturb the transfer of blood and oxygen, and the lungs can’t longer be able to provide normal breathing. Make sure that you consult your doctor once you experience these symptoms.

Excessive sweating
If you experience excessive sweating you should know that it might be caused by heart disorder. You should definitely pay a visit to your doctor in order to ensure that you don’t have heart issues.

Pale skin
As a result of impaired blood circulation caused by improper supply of the blood vessels it shows that you might be suffering from heart problems. You might be pale due to not having enough oxygenated blood. In case this paleness persists it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor.