Healthy Foods That Reduce Stress

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We live under constant stress. Actually it is all about the way we live and work. Some people relieve stress doing sports, with effective work or even food.

When being stressed, some people do not eat at all while others just eat a lot. We guess you all know, the second type of people is more common.

Different stressful situations occur constantly, and that impacts our organism and metabolism. At the same time, stress weakens our immune system. Every individual handles stress in a different way.


Practical Advices
Some practical advices can help you reduce and relieve stress through food.

How to start your day?
Namely, start your day by eating 5 walnuts. Walnuts are rich in B vitamins essential for the function of your nervous system.

Citrus Fruits
First drink fresh orange or grapefruit juice and you can also add 1 tablespoon of honey. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C important for maintaining normal secretion of the hormone causing stress.

Honey with its 63 micro elements helps you relax and reduce stress. After this morning ritual, drink a cup of chamomile tea. It is proven that chamomile tea helps your organism fight stress.

Chamomile balances stress-hormone secretion and supports organs responsible for production of stress-hormone (hypophysis, hypothalamus, adrenal gland). Drinking a cup of chamomile tea three times a day is recommended in periods with constant tenseness.


Consume Complex Carbohydrates
Speaking of food with powerful capacity of reducing stress, we must say complex carbohydrates are the most important. Potatoes are on the top and it is best to prepare this vegetable with its skin.

In this group we would include all cabbage types, celery, carrot, kohlrabi. Beans also play important role — beans, lentils, peas, string bean.

Halved Avocado

According to the latest researches, avocado is number one nutritive food product, because it contains specific carbohydrate called mannoheptulose. This sugar type does not stimulate insulin secretion, on the contrary it stops its secretion.

Phosphatidylcholine found in soybeans strengthens nerves. Soybeans are also rich in vitamin E, helpful in reducing stress. Vitamin E is also found in olives, plant oil, corn.

Maybe you have noticed that many times you happen to eat olives in a stressful situation. You can reduce stress by consuming nutrients rich in selenium, such as seafood, grains and nuts. Leafy vegetables rich in folic acid also relax the nervous system.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh enzymes found in fruits and vegetables have to be included in your stress-reducing diet. Consuming fresh fruit revitalises organism. Strawberries, cherries, pineapple, kiwi, watermelon and pear are most helpful in reducing stress.

The most efficient stress-reducing vegetables are radish, celery, carrot and ginger.

What should you avoid?
Unfortunately, we have to mention nutrients responsible for additional development of hypersensitivity, increasing stress. This group includes alcohol, coffee, caffeine beverages and sugar.

Consuming healthy food will help you reduce stress. Eat healthy and keep your health.