Health: Remove Warts, Black Heads, Skin Tags, Dark Spots With Natural This Remedies

People of every age can get affected by skin issues and this curing can cost a lot and be difficult. More than 3000 various skin issues exist and they can be mostly warts, age spots, moles, blackheads, skin tags and more…

You have to pay attention to the skin and see for color changes, texture, smell and such. And medicinal items even with amazing results still are abrasive methods and are harsh for the skin.

No need to say, you have to avoid sun exposure and chemicals and opt for natural remedies first.


Warts – warts happen due to HPV virus. Salicylic acid, freezing or duct tape are widely used but you can try other methods as well. Bananas can remove warts if you rub the peel every night. Do this until the wart is gone and this might take 2 weeks. Try also honey, rub in there and put bandage on. This also will prevent new warts. aCV soaked cotton can be placed on the area and secured with bandage. Let this work for the night and rinse in the morning. And garlic also helps, just get raw juiced garlic and rub it, this can be done 2 times per day for 2 weeks.

Dark spots – they come with age and appear on limbs and face. The cause is not known but sun exposure is the most to blame. Soak cotton in lemon juice and rub it 2 times per day. This removes the spots and brightens the skin. Aloe vera is also good, put this on the spot and after 30 min rinse it. Do not buy the aloe just plant it at home. Onions are healthy and also remove spots. Just juice 1 onion and put this on the area. After 15 min rinse it. Horseradish and ACV give amazing results. Dark spots will be gone with daily use of this. Lastly, try vitamin C serums. The c works wonders for dark spots with topical application.

Cleaning clogged pores – pores are clogged when the skin gets dirt and cannot breathe. For no inflammation and glowing skin, first try sugar and lemon for making a paste. rub this on the skin with cotton ball and circle motions, then rinse with hot water. Or try steaming by placing the face over pot with steam water, put towel on the head and steam for 15 min. wash with lukewarm water and apply vinegar for extra cleansing.

Moles – moles are harmless but can change shape or color and this might be even cancer. The good part is that you can crush garlic, apply it topically and let this sit a few hours. Apply ACV for natural removal of moles. Or clean the skin near the mole with beeswax or petroleum jelly and apply garlic. Put bandage and repeat until needed. Or soak cotton in ACV and secure with bandage for 8 hours. In the end try castor oil and baking soda for a paste, put this on the mole and secure with bandage. In the morning rinse it and do this every night.

Skin tags – they are seen on the eyelids, chest, neck, armpits and are due to rubbing of skin. They can be removed with freezing, tying off, cutting and such. But you can try ACV soaked cotton and applying it there. Or castor and baking soda as paste, applied on the skin tag. Put bandage on and repeat 2-3 times per day. Or get tea tree oil soaked cotton and secure with bandage. Do this 2-3 times daily for a month.