Health Problems due To Insufficient Water Intake

Every time you feel you are thirsty, have a glass of water, instead of drinking a glass of carbonated drink or a cup of coffee.

Even though your body is 75% water, when you are dehydrated, blood becomes thicker, and blood flow gets slower. Every time this happens, blood pressure increases, which as you know, is not good.

In average, you lose about 10 glasses of water through sweating, urinating, breathing and waste materia elimination.

There are numerous benefits water brings, but sometimes the water you drink during the day is not enough. So next time you’re feeling dehydrated and need to drink something, try to avoid carbonated drinks or caffeine drinks, and have a glass of cold water instead. It is the best thing you can do for your body.

Which consequences can insufficient water intake cause?


Water is the main energy source in the body. Water deficiency in the body slows enzyme activity in the organism, which causes fatigue and lethargy.

Asthma And Allergies

In cases of dehydration, body tightens the airways as a way to keep water in the organism. The amount of histamine produced in the body only makes it lose more water.

High Blood Cholesterol

Dehydrated body produces more cholesterol to stop water loss in cells.

Kidney And Bladder Problems

Every time your body is dehydrated, the accumulation of toxins increases, which creates excellent conditions bacteria can develop in. As a result, kidneys and bladder are susceptible to infections, inflammations and pain.