Get rid of the milk spots with these remedies

Today we are going to present you some natural remedies that will help you to remove the white bumps on the skin. They are called milia or milk spots and are completely harmless but don’t look good.

This condition is usual for babies but it can also occur in adults as a result of the trapped keratin under your skin. The reason for these milk spots in adults can be steroid creams, blisters, sun exposure, laser treatments, etc. You can easily remove them with these natural remedies.

Pulverize a tbsp. of oatmeal and mix it with some coffee or ginger at the end add some water and mix well. Use this paste as an exfoliator and apply it to the face.

Put your face over a pot with some hot water and cover the head with a bigger towel. This will open your pores and it will help you to remove the milk spots but you should repeat this procedure an a daily basis for better results.

Apply some honey to your milk spots every day for 20 minutes then wash it well. This simple procedure will help you to remove the milk spots very easy.

Slice one small tomato and apply the juice from it to your face with your fingers. Leave the juice for 20 minutes and then wash your face well. Repeat this procedure two times per week.

Mix 1 tsp. of castor oil with 1 tsp. of olive oil and apply the mixture to the milk spots. Wash your face well after 20 minutes.

Mix 1 tsp. of granulated sugar and a few drops of lemon juice and exfoliate your skin with this mixture. Massage your face well with it and then wash it well.

Another great remedy for the milk spots it tea tree oil. It has antibacterial properties and you just need to apply it to the affected area and leave it during the night. Wash your face well in the morning.