Get Rid Of Accumulated Salt In The Body That Causes You Joint Pain

When the organism gives a signal that there is a stop in the work in our organs and stops ejecting toxins, they begin to accumulate in the kidneys, intestines and liver, muscles and joints. Among people, these compounds are called “salts”. After diagnoses such as osteochondrosis, gout, arthrosis, arthritis, the destruction of salt and the ejection of accumulated salt are one of the important processes in the general complex therapy

I suggest a mixture of herbs that can fulfill this task.
Mix equal parts with a dry sweet woodruff, horsetail, Agrimony, goldenrod, mint, corn silk, and leaves of forest strawberries. Sprinkle the mixture with a liter of boiling water. Wrap and allow to stand for one hour. Then strain and drink four times a day, half a cup half an hour before eating, the last time before bedtime. During treatment, increase the amount to a liter and a half, twice a day. Including tea, compotes and the like. Treatment lasts for a month.

If the disease is accompanied by joint pain, a simpler variant of the mixture will suit you:

Mixed equal parts of dry frankincense, sweet woodruff and corn silk. Sprinkle half a tablespoon of the mixture with half a liter of boiling water. Wrap and allow to stand for two hours. Stir and drink a cup twice a day (day and evening) half an hour before eating. The treatment lasts for three weeks, then it is repeated after a seven-day break.

These mixtures have individual contraindications. When applying, consult a specialist