Find Out What It Means If Your Thumb Is Straight or Crooked

Hold out your thumb and point it upwards as if giving a like on Facebook. Check the angle of your thumb. Is it standing straight or does it curve?

This says something about your personality.

Straight Thumb
Some people have a straight thumb when they are giving a thumbs up. The thumb doesn’t even slightly retract towards their knuckle.

A straight thumb can mean that you are a more serious person than most people. Though you don’t show that you are excited, it doesn’t mean that you are a downer.

Crooked Thumb
In this case, we have the crooked thumb. As you can tell, the back of it curves. It can curve just a little bit, or a lot, depending on the person.

A crooked thumb means that you are much more expressive than most people and want to express yourself however you can.

Obtuse Angle
A person whose thumb makes an obtuse angle with the index finger is a gem. Such thumbs are well-built, lean and long.

They are called tender thumbs. People with such thumbs are calm and thoughtful. They usually make the best musicians or artists.

The Second Half Is Longer Than the First Half
If the second half is longer than the first one means that they make all their decisions based on logic instead of will power. They tend to keep themselves from falling and feeling in love and because of this, they can miss out on some golden opportunities when it comes to finding a suitable life partner.

Try to overcome this issue if you want to find love. Don’t listen to your logic from time to time and you will be okay.