Easy To Make Alkaline Water To Fight And Prevent Cancer, Digestive Issues And Fatigue

How to prepare alkaline water and to prevent digestive problems, fatigue and even cancer? Is the alkaline water beneficial for the human body? If it is healthy, the body should be quite alkaline. However, a great number of people have acidic bodies, or too acidic.

Why is this so important? If the body is too acidic, it is likely to suffer from fatigue, gain of weight and digestive problems. Moreover, if the body is highly acidic, the healthy body cells may turn into toxic and even cancerous.


The pH scale ranges from 0 – 14, which indicates that 0 is highly acidic, 14 is highly alkaline and 7 is neutral. The human body pH state should be about 7.4. However, various system and organs in the body have different pH value.

For instance, the saliva ranges from 6.5 – 7.0 pH (it is more acidic in order to be able to perform digestion easily), the skin has 5 pH (even though in 2006 a study in the international Journal of Cosmetic science has shown that the skin pH should be reduced to 4 – 4.5 in order to be able to prevent fight against infections). In addition, the digestive tract ranges from 1.5 – 7.0 pH value, which is varies on many things, particularly on the food we consume.


The food that we eat can consider the pH levels, as well as the overall health. Dr. Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Psychology for his finding, discovered that 90 – 95 % of the cancers occur as a result of the acidic body environment. However, in 1931, he also found out that cancers cannot live in alkaline environment, or when the pH of the body is 7. 36.

From then, researchers have started to investigate the pH level of the foods and drinks we consume, as well as their effects on the human body, whether they lead to acidity or alkalinity.

Warburg claimed that nearly 100 years ago, acidosis was not only related to the development of cancer, but also to heart issues, osteoporosis, diabetes, and chronic diseases and so on.


There are two easy ways to find out if the body is too acidic. One way is to do a saliva pH test, whereas the other one is to experience the following sighs:

Constant fatigue
• Cramps or pain in the muscles after walking
• Running out of breath
• Feel that you cannot inhale air

When the pH level is reduced, the body tries to regulate it (to perform homeostasis), by taking and storing the acidic compounds in some organs, such as: the kidney, the lungs, the liver, thus regulating the normal pH level from 7.35 – 7.45. Finally, these acidic compounds attack the healthy cells in the body, thus making them sick, harmed and toxic.

Moreover, if this problem is not treated on time, these body cells can metastasize, i.e. to start to grow in an uncontrolled way and to transfer to other organs in the human body.


Nowadays, chronic acidosis is mainly caused by the food we consume. Namely, the increased intake of sugar, alcohol, processed food, caffeine, etc. contribute to acidity. The acidity level in our bodies is also increased by the pesticides, additives, hormones that are used in the food that we consume.

One of the most beneficial ways to prevent acidity in our bodies, except changing the diet, is to wash them with alkaline water. Nearly 70 % of the body is water, so if this amount of water is alkaline, the body can more easily produce homeostasis.


– You will need the following ingredients:

• An organic lemon (it is essential to use organic lemons as they do not contain pesticides)
• 2 liters of distilled water (the water should not contain additives and chemical, so osmosis is a great way to purify it).
• A tablespoon of Himalayan salt (available at all food stores).
• A glass jar (it should be glass, because the plastic jars contain chemicals that are acidic for the human body).

– Preparation method:

1. Pour water in the glass jar
2. Add the sliced lemon in the water (but do not squeeze the lemon juice).
3. Add the Himalayan salt
4. Cover the glass jar and keep it for 12 – 24 hours.

After 24 hours, you should rink three glasses of this mixture on an empty stomach. It is recommended to drink it in the morning, before having a breakfast. During the day you can also drink alkaline water. You will notice the results in no time. You will feel more energetic, you skin will regenerate, the brain will be enhanced, and you will feel relaxed.

Combining alkaline water with a healthy diet (diet without processed food, caffeine, sugar), will help to feel much better and healthier