Early Signs You Consume Too Much Sugar

If you consume too much sugar, you are going to notice these early signs! People love consuming sugar even though they know that it can cause serious health issues.

However, now when you really see what it can do to your body, you will never reach for another sugary thing again. When we start to consume too much sugar foods our body sends many signals.

If you consume too much sugary foods, you are going to notice these seven early signs:

Carb and sugar cravings

You know you are a sugar addict when you are constantly craving sugar and carbs. When this happens, in order to eliminate the sugar from your body you need to use a sugar detox method.

Lack of energy and fatigue

Another sign of sugar addiction is when you are constantly feeling tired for no particular reason. Sugar and carbs will suck your energy out even though they give you a temporary boost of energy. You may be eating too much sugar if you are always tired even after getting rest.

Problems with the feet and skin

The reason for your eczema, rosacea or acne may be the huge consumption of sugar. That is because sugar has an inflammatory effect on the body. If you cut sugar out of your diet, you will be able to solve your problem. According to a New York-based podiatrist Dr. S. Green, the main culprit behind plantar fasciitis is sugar.

Plantar fasciitis is a disorder that causes pain in the heel and feet. Adrenal fatigue and dark bags under the eyes may be caused by an excess sugar consumption.

Gaining weight

You need to know that excess sugar always equals excess calories. This is because sugar does not have protein or fiber. Insulin resistance and weight gain can be the consequences of the excess insulin production due to the consumption of excess sugar.

Frequent flu and colds

You might be eating too much sugar if you are frequently affected by flu or colds. Besides being able to impair your body’s ability to fight flu and colds, sugar can also weaken your immune system.

Brain fog

You are a sugar addict if your mind becomes foggy after meals. Low blood sugar levels is the reason why a brain fog occurs. The insulin levels spike when you are eating too much sugar. If it constantly occurs, this could lead to major cognitive problems.

Nothing tastes as sweet as it used to be

Nothing will taste as sweet as before because consuming excess sugar will attack the taste buds and impair your sugar tolerance. You will start enjoying sugary treats when you cut out the sugar.