Don’t Use Your Phone In The Toilet

For many people, it is normal to use their phones while they are on the toilet but some recent studies have shown that it can be a very dangerous habit.

This habit increases the risk of bacterial infection like E. Coli because when you wipe your bum and then take your tablet or phone without washing your hand first you are at greater risk due to the bacteria that are in your hands.

The first step is to avoid using our phones and tablets in the bathroom especially if we are using public bathrooms.

Viruses and bacteria can spread even through the air or a single drop of water that we cannot even see. They can also survive many days on our phones and tablets and it is easy for us to spread then. The phones and the tablets are warm and this is the reason why they are a great environment for germs and bacteria.

Our advice is to avoid using the phone it the bathroom and to wash your hands well with a soap in order to protect yourself and your health.