Don’t suffer through a migraine. Try one of these 7 home remedies instead

The pounding headache begins. Soon you start turning off lights and turning down the sound on everything. Before you know it, you’re turning into a mole and seeking out a dark place because the pain from the headache is just too great. You’re suffering from a migraine.

Did you know you have a lot of options for trying to control your migraines before they control you? Below are 7 home remedies you can try to see if you can get any relief from the suffering. Maybe one will be your saving grace.

1. Hydrate. Often, a headache, and even a migraine, can be triggered by a lack of water. Fox News reminds people, and especially migraine sufferers, to make sure they are properly hydrated throughout the day.

2. Butterbur. Butterbur is an herb that has shown to help decrease the symptoms of migraines by reducing inflammation. says sufferers can take Butterbur as a supplement, but as with any herbal supplement, you want to exercise caution since it’s not regulated by the FDA. Make sure you keep your doctor apprised of any natural remedy you decide to take.

3. Cold and hot compresses. Sometimes all you need to gain a little relief is to apply a cold or hot compress. The Mayo Clinic recommends experimenting to figure out which works best for you.

4. Magnesium. Healthline shares that studies have shown that migraine sufferers tend to have low levels of magnesium. By increasing your magnesium intake, you can often decrease the number and intensity of your headaches. You can take supplements or get the mineral by eating foods rich in magnesium: dark green vegetables, whole grains and nuts.

5. Caffeine. Go grab a cup of regular coffee or your favorite caffeinated soda the next time a migraine hits. WebMD says that caffeine helps restricts blood vessels that can be the cause of pressure that’s creating the headache. If you drink a lot of caffeine on a regular basis, though, you won’t find a whole lot of relief in this solution.

6. Vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is another natural remedy that is showing signs of decreasing the severity of migraines. Migraine Again cautions against taking too much of this vitamin, so see your doctor for help if you decide to go the supplement route. You can also increase your vitamin B2 intake by eating cheese, fish and chicken and drinking milk.

7. Ginger and lemon. A new fad making its way through the home remedy world is using ginger and lemon to treat migraines. WebMD says that there is no scientific proof that ginger actually reduces or prevents headaches or migraines. There is some evidence that it may have some benefit, but the studies are inconclusive at this time. The good news is that ginger is a fairly safe spice. If you want to try it, Top 10 Home Remedies combines equal parts of ginger juice and lemon juice and recommends drinking it two times daily.

No longer do you need to cower when you feel a migraine coming on. Take stock of what you have in your arsenal to fight back against the pain. You may find that a cup of coffee or a cold pack is all you need to defeat most of your migraine pain.