Curb hunger and revitalize your liver with a delicious 3-ingredient drink

Did you know something as simple as drinking lemon and honey water each morning can prevent illness and make your skin glow? These are just some of the life-changing benefits of this morning solution. Continue reading to learn all about what lemon and honey water can do for you.

1. Detox the liver: According to Livestrong, the combination of lemon and honey can increase your energy levels. This is because all the calories in honey are carbohydrates, which get directly translated into energy in the body. A 2008 article published in the American Journal of College Nutrition even made the suggestion that honey boosts energy levels of athletes.

2. Boost immune system: Lemons are full of vitamin C, while honey is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Crystal Davis claims that during the one full year in which she drank lemon honey water every morning, she never once fell ill.

3. Maintain healthy weight: The pectin fiber in lemon helps curve hunger cravings, while honey balances the pH levels in the stomach. The combination, along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, can do wonders for achieving and maintaining an ideal weight, says CureJoy.

4. Aid digestion: You may be surprised to learn that lemon and honey water acts like saliva. It stimulates the liver, causing it to produce more bile and smooth digestion. CureJoy says not only is the mixture great for digestion, but it also helps prevent heartburn and bloating.

5. Prevent UTI: Lemon and honey water is a diuretic, which means it makes you urinate often. Women who suffer from recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI) know the importance of constantly flushing toxins from the body. Lemon honey water is a great way to do this because it is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral, and does not dehydrate like coffee or tea.

6. Glowing skin: Lemon is a powerful cleanser, while honey boosts collagen production. Drinking lemon honey water can actually decrease wrinkles and clear blemishes, says CureJoy.

So how do you make lemon and honey water? Healthy and Natural World says to simply boil water and let it cool in a mug. Add the juice from half a lemon, and once the water has cooled completely, add raw, organic, unpasteurized honey. You can play with the amounts until you find what tastes best. Drink the solution as soon as you wake up in the morning.