Controlling Hunger And Diabetes, Lowering Cholesterol And Removing Fatigue With OKRA

The Okra goes by many names hibiscus esculentus, okro, gumbo, kiabo and lady’s finger. It’s a greenish plant native to Ethiopia, and popular due to the powerful healing properties.

It has such a long list of health benefits, such as:

It Treats Fatigue
It is abundant in antioxidants and polyphenols, and it supports the storage of the glycogen in the liver, therefore it increases the energy levels.

It Lowers cholesterol levels
The consumption of okra will be of great help with lowering your cholesterol levels and prevent fat accumulation. It can also help the as bile acid production in the stool, and lowers the risk of heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

It Controls Diabetes
Okra seeds inhibit alpha-glucosidase, which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down carbs and improving the insulin sensitivity of the cells. So with it, they treat diabetes and lower the fasting glucose levels.

It Prevents food cravings
Okra is high in fiber, so it creates a feeling of satiety, and prevents weight gain.

It Fights Gastritis
The juice of okra fights inflammation and bacteria, and lowers the risk of gastritis as well.

It Protects from Kidney Diseases
The consumption of okra will for sure improve the function of the kidneys and protects against kidney diseases.

It Fights Constipation
Okra water helps the free motion disposal, and fights constipation.

It Controls Asthma
Okra is of great help in the treatment of asthma.

It Stops Bleeding, and Strengthens Bones
The high vitamin K content of okra strengthens the bones, it boosts the blood circulation, it stops excess bleeding, and it lowers the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

It Improves Eyesight and Strengthens Immune System
The high vitamin A content improves the eyesight and boosts the immune system, since it improves the white blood cell production.

It Improves Skin Health
The use of okra prevents pigmentation and premature aging, and improves skin health, due to the potent antioxidant qualities.

It Improves Hair Health
The use of okra will soften the hair, treat dandruff, and make the hair shiny and healthy.

  • It Prevents Sunstroke
  • Okra will also help you protect against sunstrokes.
  • Additional tips for using OKRA:
  • Always choose okra with smaller, tender pods, as they have a better taste
  • For cooking, choose brig
  • The unblemished okra means that it is fresh and not rotten inside
  • Store the okra unwashed, in a paper bag, or wrapped in a newspaper
  • Keep it in the warmest part of your refrigerator, up to at least 3 days
  • If you want to store it longer, freeze the entire okra
  • Then, before cooking, wash it well with water, pat it dry with a dry towel
  • Trim the ends of the okra before adding it to the dish, and use it as a whole or chopped
  • When cooking it, fry it in oil, and add spices
  • To reduce the slime, add vinegar or lemon water, and when almost cooked, add it to the dis
  • Enjoy the taste of this amazing plant and boost your health in innumerate ways!
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