Cheap Way to Get Rid of Lice – Doctors Hide This From You!

Every time you see a child scratching their head, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is lice. Well, when someone has lice, the worst thing about it is trying to remove them, because it is a very difficult process. The lice do not have wings, they feed on blood and they are proven to be highly contagious.

However, lice can be common in adults too. Even though the children are the most common target group, mostly because of the fact that they hug a lot and play together in kinder garden or in a playground and in school, the adults are not to be excluded.

The lice are not deadly, but they can definitely cause a lot of itching and a nasty inflammation. And because the lice have a high rate of development and multiply fast, they can always make the risk of infections a bit higher.

The anti lice shampoos tend to cost a small fortune, and do not eliminate the lice completely. You can spend hours trying to com your hair but they will always leave some eggs behind. This is why we strongly recommend that you try out this home made recipe and say goodbye to the lice.

For the ingredients you are going to need some mouthwash, white vinegar, lice comb, shower cap and some towels. For the instructions, the first thing you need to do is rinse your head with a mouthwash. Then, wrap up your hair in the shower cap or plastic bag, and let the mouthwash stay like that for one hour precisely.

The lice do not like the smell of spearmint. And after the hour has passed, rinse your hair with white vinegar in order to get rid of all the lice eggs.

Then, wrap your head up in a plastic bag or shower cap again, and leave it like that for another hour. After that, wash your hair with regular shampoo like you usually would and comb it with the lice comb.

Before you go out, make sure you always spray your hair with some mouthwash. The same thing goes for your children too. Do this to them before they go to school.

This has proven to be a very efficient treatment with no harmful side effects whatsoever. Your child will not be exposed to the chemicals found in the commercial products and will be kept safe from lice.