Cancer Dies When You Eat These Foods

Cancer is a common health issue today, affecting millions of people per year. There are numerous causes of cancer, including exposure to toxins, a poor diet, lack of nutrients and genetics.

Today, medical researchers are still trying to find a cure for cancer. However, people who are experiencing cancer should pay attention not only to their medical treatment, but also to their diet. There are some foods that can prevent further cancer growth.

Are you consuming enough cancer-fighting foods on a regular basis?
The key for fighting free radical damage and reducing inflammation is consuming a lot of cancer-fighting foods rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, avoiding processed and packaged foods, and including organic, grass-fed, additive-free foods in your diet.

According to the studies, 30 – 40 % of all types of cancer can be prevented with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Recently, researchers have found out that there are some super foods that can help prevent the further development of cancer. Even though these super foods ate found in every household, many people have not heard about their cancer-fighting properties yet. Not only they are delicious, but they also have numerous benefits for the overall health.

How these super foods slow down cancer growth?
Owning to the physiological properties which occur in the human body, including angiogenesis, the body can protect itself from countless health diseases.

The process of formation of blood vessels at the early phase of fetal development is known as angiogenesis. Nevertheless, this process goes on during lifetime, repairing damaged blood vessels due to cuts, burns or injuries. Moreover, during angiogenesis, the development and growth of cancer is stimulated by inhibitors and activators.

Activators start the formation of new blood vessels, whereas the consumption of these super foods inhibits angiogenesis. In addition, they prevent the supply of blood to the cancerous cells, thus preventing cancer growth. These super foods can promote angiogenesis that is crucial for the development of cancer.

Here is a list of super foods that can slow down the development of cancer:

1. Turmeric
Turmeric has been widely used in the alternative medicine. Due to its powerful properties, turmeric can efficiently treat chronic conditions, enhance weight loss and prevent cancer growth.

2. Red wine
Due to Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, red wine has powerful anti-cancer properties. Reservatrol is found on the skin of grape, which is used for wine preparation.

It is considered that Resveratrol can prevent numerous health issues, including aging and heart disease. Moreover, it can enhance mental alertness and glucose treatment, and boost up energy levels. In addition, it fights against bacteria and viruses, helps repair DNA and gets rid of free radicals.

There are 640 mcg of Resveratrol in 225 ml of wine. Resveratrol supplementation has numerous health benefits for the overall health.

3. Raspberries and blueberries
Except their delicious flavor, berries contain phytonutrients that can prevent cancer growth.

It has been shown that berries most efficiently prevent ovarian cancer. Due to their high content of phytochemicals, berries have a dark color. In addition, raspberries and blueberries act as antioxidants that reduce angiogenesis and oxidative stress in the human body.

4. Tomatoes
A recent study carried out at the University of Harvard has found out that the regular consumption of tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 50 % due to their high content of lycopene. It is a strong anti-cancer agent that hinders angiogenesis.

According to the study, lycopene is easily absorbed in the body. Moreover, when tomatoes are heated, lycopene concentration in the body is increased. Therefore, cooked tomatoes can slow down cancer growth. Include tomatoes in your diet and enjoy their health benefits.

5. Green tea
Green tea has numerous health benefits for the overall health, including cancer prevention.

6. Coffee
Consuming coffee increases energy levels. In addition, it significantly lowers the risk of cancer.

7. Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate has numerous beneficial properties for the overall health, including cancer prevention.

8. Mushrooms
Mushrooms are considered to be strong immune-enhancers and anti-cancer agents. Moreover, mushrooms can boost up the immune system, prevent cancer growth and help regeneration of cells.

9. Seeds and nuts
Flax seeds and Chia seeds are the most nutrient seeds. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and other minerals.

Sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are as beneficial as almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts.

10. Wild-caught fish
Wild-caught fish, including sardines, mackerel and salmon, represent anti-inflammatory foods that are related to improved hormonal, brain and nervous system health.

It is found out that omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects that can prevent cancer and lower symptoms of cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy.

Other ways to increase effectiveness of cancer-fighting diet
1. Drink plenty of water

2. Reduce the toxic load by limiting exposure to cell phones, computers, TVs, microwaves and avoiding commercial beauty and health products

3. Cook foods at low temperatures

4. Avoid consuming processed foods and refined sugar

5. Use essential oils

6. Get enough vitamin D and sunlight

7. Stimulate detoxification with herbs and supplements