A Guide How to Survive A Stroke

The stroke is know to be the third most common cause of death on a global level. The big percent of the individuals who are affected usually pass away within the first month of suffering the attack.

This is why it is of utmost importance to recognize all of the early signs of the stroke so you can hep yourself or someone in need when necessary. The stroke is known to be a rapid loss of the function of the brain because of the disturbance of supply of blood to the brain.

It can easily happen when an aneurysm bursts, or when a weak or an inflammed blood vessel starts bleeding out within the brain.

When the blood starts to accumulate within the brain, the pressure rapidly increases and it is able to kill or destroy a tissue cell, thus disrupting the normal flow of blood through the affected area. This particular type of a stroke is considered to be fatal and is deadly in almost 90 percent of the cases.

So, is your brain healthy or not – stand on one leg and check it out!

Some of the most common symptoms of a stroke are a severe headache, drooling, confusion and trouble speaking and understanding what other people say, lack of feeling in the face, arms, legs, especially on only one side of the body, dizziness, loss of balance, double vision, abrupt loss, especially in one eye.

If you are suspecting that you might be experiencing a stroke, make sure you immediately check the following things:

Smile – are you feeling like the muscles from one side of the body are relaxed, like very flabby?
Pronounce – try to pronounce a simple sentence, and pay small attention whether there is a bit gibberish or murmur.
Raise – raise both your eyebrows and arms – can you raise them both equally high?
If you confirm your suspicious after this then you definitely need to call an ambulance immediately. Make sure not to hesitate or wait any longer, because as more time passes, the more damage can be done to the brain.

Make sure you have patience, and wait for the ambulance to come to you. Don’t try to drive yourself to the hospital in any case, regardless if the person in danger is yourself or someone else.

This is because the patients who are suffering a stroke have a greater chance of survival, and are taken care first when they arrive to the hospital.

Just make sure that you remember the exact symptoms which have occurred and inform the paramedics about them immediately. This is all because there is a time frame whithin which some drugs are not to be used.

What is also very important to know, in the case of a stroke, is that the aspirin can only make the bleeding even worse. This is why you need to forget the aspirin immediately after you noticce that someone is experiencing a stroke.

We honestly think that you would never come in a situation where you should use this information, but in case you do, you better use these tips as it is better to be safe than sorry at the end.