9+ habits that prevent acne cysts

Pimples can seem like the plague when they appear. Cystic acne is even worse. Caused by ruptured hair follicles under the skin, cystic acne forms deep within the skin and can be hard to get rid of. Rather than fighting cystic acne after it has formed, prevention is the best solution. Below are 10 ways too help prevent cystic acne before it begins.

1. Hands-off policy: Constantly rubbing and touching your face opens the door for the formation of acne in general. If you have cystic acne, keep your hands off of your face as the first step in fighting the battle, according to Medical News Today.

2. Anti-popping and picking zone: If some should appear, Dr. Axe says not to pick at or pop the pimples. Since cystic acne is deep under the skin, picking at it doesn’t help solve the problem. The picking and popping may actually cause scarring instead.

3. Icing: To help reduce the redness and discomfort, Dr. Axe recommends putting ice on the acne to help shrink the blood vessels that feed the acne.

4. No exfoliating: Avoid being rough with your skin. Medical News Today recommends using mild cleansers when washing your face and only washing twice a day.

5. Benzoyl peroxide: Medical News Today also recommends using benzoyl peroxide — a topical antibiotic treatment cream — to try to reduce, remove and prevent cystic acne.

6. Light, unscented moisturizers: Many moisturizers on the market have fragrances added to them. Some have oils added to them as well. When picking your moisturizer, choose one that is designed for oily, sensitive skin. Dr. Axe recommends using a “light, unscented moisturizer.”

7. Noncomedogenic makeup: A tip from Healthline is to pick noncomedogenic makeup. This is lighter and oil-free, which means it won’t clog your pores as much.

8. No makeup to bed: Always remove your makeup before going to bed. Healthline points out that if you wear it to bed, you are simply grinding your makeup into your pores and asking acne to form.

9. Healthy diet: Although most foods have no definitive relation to acne, foods that are high on the glycemic index are known to be triggers for acne. If you fight cystic acne, then avoiding these types of food is important, according to Healthline.

10. Fragrant detergents: Dr. Axe says to be careful what kinds of detergents you use on your towels and pillow cases. You rub your towel on your face, and your face is in contact with your pillow case for hours at night. He recommends using fragrant-free, dye-free detergents and no bleach.

You can’t guarantee that you will never have cystic acne again, but by following these 10 tips, you may reduce the number of outbreaks. Seeing a doctor to accurately diagnose the problem is always a good idea, but taking some practical steps is immediately within your control.