8 warning signs of poor blood circulation

Poor blood circulation is a health issue that usually results from diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity, as well as smoking, which narrow the arteries and restrict blood flow.

Yet, the blood needs to flow normally throughout the body in order to maintain the body strong and healthy. Issues with the circulatory system often cause damage to the heart, brain, and kidneys.

Therefore, it is of high importance to learn the symptoms that warn you that the circulation of blood in the body is poor and treat the issue on time:

Numbness and Tingling In Limbs: The blood restriction to the limbs causes a pins and needles feeling.

Impaired Cognitive Function: Cognitive deficiency is usually a result of a reduced cerebral blood flow, drastic blood pressure changes and a poor circulation.

Weak immune system: The blood does not deliver vitamins and minerals quickly and in the needed amounts, and this weakens immunity.

Slackened Libido: Poor circulation causes issues with the reproductive system, such as irregular monthly cycles or fertility problems, as well as loss of libido.

Digestive Problems: The blood flow to the abdominal area can often be restricted due to the buildups of fatty matter in the blood vessel walls, that lead to diarrhea, bloody stool or abdominal pain.

Leg Ulcers: Poor circulation can lead to rash-like ulcers around the ankles and knees.

Pain: Poor blood circulation makes the hands and feet cold and painful.

Swelling: The blood starts to accumulate in the feet and ankles, leading to swellings.

Varicose Veins: Due to the poor circulation of blood, the veins just under the surface of the skin on your legs become enlarged, swollen, twisted, itchy and painful, a condition known as varicose veins.

Appetite loss: Blood is important for the gastrointestinal tract in order to digest food, so poor circulation can cause appetite loss.

Fatigue: The reduced oxygen-rich blood leads to muscle fatigue and increased recovery time.

Angina: Angina is a heart condition that often results from poor blood circulation, and is characterized by left side chest pains and breathlessness.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes: Poor circulation also causes puffy eyes.

Brittle Hair and Nails: the hair and nails lack the needed nutrients to grow and become brittle and weak.