8 Foods You Should Never Eat Again

Junk food is unhealthy and has no nutritional value. It is oily, too salty, it doesn’t contain proteins, vitamins and fiber. It is packed with preservatives. Junk food can cause excessive weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and dental problems. But most of the people love fast food and usually consume it everyday…

1. Hamburger

Despite the fact that it is not popular as in the 1980s, when fast food industry was still developing, a slice of minced meat fried in a large amount of oil still has its followers today.
And today hamburger types have changed and former classic hamburger consisted of meat placed between two pieces of bread is now “upgraded” with a small amount of vegetables, eggs, cheese or bacon. Switch the hamburger that will only make you fat with some healthy lunch and healthy salad.

2. Soda
It is an ideal complement to the burger, which is kind of bubbling fluid full of unhealthy sugar, caffeine and other stimulant supplements. It causes addictive, unbearable headaches and different disorders in the digestive tract. But beyond all controversy, coke still has good selling percent.
Instead of soda, have some healthy drink.

3. Pizza
Today it’s lot more popular, simple and affordable than any other fast food. Pizza is made in many different shapes and flavors which camouflage its real unhealthy nature. It is the perfect “partner” of beer during a game or movie and people of all ages love it. Pizza is the new burger of today’s generation.

4. Chips
Substitute for people who whether due to laziness or lack of desire while watching game or movie are more willing to “deal” with crispy chips than pizza. Except the fact that chips awakens senses of taste, it also gives an amazing audio experience. From the poor edition in the 80′s, potato chips progressed to numerous aromatic varieties, so today’s packings usually have pizza, cheese, garlic, pepper, tomatoes, ham, hot pepper flavor.
Switch the chips with some healthy snack.

5. French fries
All nutritionists and scientist are analyzing it like toxic killer of the bloodstream, but for someone this reason is not good enough to refrain from this fatty, salty, topped with ketchup “evil potato.” French fries is one of the few products which can be consumed absolutely by itself, capable of meeting all needs and desires for consumption of “junk food”.

6. Chocolate cracker
It is no wonder that nowadays chocolate, eventhough looking small and insufficient, is capable to satisfy all needs for food with just one bite. I keep wondering why is chocolate so nutritious and the answer is simple: the sugar and fat, which after only a single bar “fill” our stomach like oiliest fries do.
Switch them with some healthy deserts.

7. Hot Dog
Even though people are trying to sell and tofu sausages in some kind of sauce, we all know that the option with a simple hot dog, a reasonable amount of mustard and white pastry is still acceptable. And still, no one tries to think about the manufacturing processes of wiener and similar meat products.

8. Baker’s product
Common first meal for those who do not have enough time and nerves to start the day well and thoughtfully with organized and healthy breakfast. Fatty balls filled with jam, chocolate, vanilla and similar stuff or puff pastry with cheese, nuts and a variety of croissants … all these glue to the wall of our hungry and exhausted stomach and the need for food will be suppressed in less than an hour. Prepare yourself some healthy breakfast. It’s fast and easy.

With this article, HealthyFoodHouse team is alerting you all to stop consuming these junk food products, and be aware of their benefits. Remember: Health comes through our mouth!