7 Signs your Kidneys aren’t Working as they should

One of the most important organs in our bodies are our kidneys. They have multiple functions for our body, such as maintaining bodily hydration, as well as toxicity levels, deciding which vitamins should be excreted or sent back into the blood stream. However, their use and essentiality to our system, their symptoms or malfunctions are difficult to identify, as they are extremely subtle and almost unrecognizable. It is important to know that our kidneys deteriorate with age, and this malfunction affects bone strength and health as well.

1. Vomiting and Nausea
If your kidneys aren’t functioning properly, it is common to be nauseated, as they are letting toxic waste store in your system (often called as uremia). Feeling nauseated can be caused by many problems in your body, not just the kidneys, but it is recommended to go see a doctor.

2. Swollen Faces, Feet, Ankles or Other
If your body is keeping excess fluids, then it is safe to assume something is wrong with your kidneys. One of the main ways your kidneys maintain the alkaline/acid balance of your body is by the regulation of water, hence fluids accumulate in your body if the excretory system is not functioning properly. This could cause swelling to the feet, ankles or hands. You might also feel swelling in your legs as well.

3. Leg and Lower Back Pain
Pain and discomfort in the back of your legs or lower back, can be a sign that your kidneys are not functioning as they should. They can even trigger muscle tightness to significantly increase the pain.

If you are experiencing extreme pain in the lower back, then it is a sign of kidney stones. The pain can also represent infections to the kidneys, or even a bladder infection. In extreme cases, the kidneys and liver may also develop cysts which can cause significant pain. The cyst may develop in ovaries as well, causing several complications along the way.

4. Bad Taste in your Mouth
Should your kidneys fail to remove toxins, it is possible to have an unpleasant metallic taste in your mouth, possibly resulting in bad breath. It may also contribute to the foods you eat not tasting the same (high meat consumption attributes to kidney stress along with leafy vegetables). It can dull your appetite which causes instant weight loss.

5. Anemia
Your kidneys have the ability to produce red blood cells, stimulating EPO. Without EPO, you cannot make sufficient red blood cells, hence resulting in anemia. Having wide array of symptoms, including being out of breath, dizziness, being chilly (even if its warm). The primary reason for all of these symptoms is the lack of oxygen, exactly what the primary function of the red blood cells is.

6. Itchy Rashes
Itchy rashes on your skin begin to show up when you are accumulating excess waste products in your body, along with uric acid. Rashes are a vague symptom and can be caused by a number of factors, but they still are an indication of possible kidney malfunction.

7. Changes in Urine Frequency/Appearance
The most common way of finding out if your kidneys aren’t functioning as they should is to pay attention to your urine. More precisely, pay attention to the frequency and color. If you’re having kidney issues, you may experience the following symptoms:

Blood in the urine (not regularly, but at often intervals)
Urination may occur less frequently and it appears dark or blackened.
Lighter color and increased number of urinating (watery appearance). This may not pose as a problem if you have been drinking lots of water lately.
Urine has a bubbly or foamy appearance. (this can be attributed to UTIs, or urinary tract infections)

You wake up at night and urgently need to urinate.
Urination is difficult, you may experience pain in your lower back while urinating.
Why Do Kidneys Malfunction?

One cause might be an acidic diet, which is the most common that we all have. A new study explains the problems that might be caused by an acidic or a high meat diet. The study monitored fifteen hundred people with kidney diseases over a period of fourteen years. Those who had a high meat diet had come close to a total kidney failure.

What Precautions should be Taken?
As indicated by the study, avoid a diet rich in meat, and also keep away from an acidic diet as well. As mentioned above, kidney failure is associated with old age, so it is best to keep yourself checked out every once in a while at your doctor. Diabetic patients should be very vigilant in regards to kidney related problems and complications. Another precaution is to take it easy on the booze, since heavy drinking can impair kidney proper function.